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one stop shop, for #Barcedes scenes with English subtitles by Team GayQuakes
Monday - Thursday.

Who we are:

GayQuakes, is a subbing group providing english subtitles for the Barcedes, storyline.

Where are they uploaded:

We upload daily on twitter: GayQuakes and instagram: BarcedesEdits
Then a video is uploaded at the end of the week on Youtube.

Why donations:

Unfortunately, we can’t monetise our videos on youtube due to copyright.Transcribing and hardcoding, takes a long time to do, an example is Mercedes, Coming out scene to Ernesto, it was a total of 5 hours+ of hardcoding + 2 hours+ of translating, and that alone was only 14 mins. It is not necessary to donate, but any support is absolutely amazing.

IF YOU WANT TO DONATE: https://www.paypal.me/gayquakes

What our goal is:

Our goal, our translations are not literal translations so context does not get lost in the story, we want to provide the best way to translate their story in english.