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A man’s true strength does not lie in physical prowess, but instead in his ability to be vulnerable, humble, and kind. On this note, Sandip University wishes everyone a Happy International Men’s Day.

#InternationalMensDay2019 #SandipUniversity
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It is wise to cut down on sugars so that you may lead a long and sweet life. Today on World Diabetes Day, Sandip University urges you to be conscious of your sweet tooth and keep diabetes at bay.

#WorldDiabetesDay2019 #SandipUniversity
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Children are the marvels who teach us about infinite possibilities and boundless imagination. Today on Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s 130th birth anniversary, Sandip University wishes everyone a very Happy Children’s Day.

#ChildrensDay2019 #SandipUniversity
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A person’s childhood is a unique experience filled with numerous memories and carefree emotions. Even as adults, we must strive to celebrate the essence of being a child by letting our inner child out and enjoying to the fullest. This Children’s Day, make sure you take a break from being an adult and try to relive the innocence of being a child. On this note, Sandip University wishes you a...

Sandip University - Children's Day 2019

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On this peaceful occasion, may Guru Nanak Ji’s blessings bestow happiness, enlightenment, knowledge, and sanctity upon you and your family. Sandip University wishes everyone a very Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti.

#GuruNanakJayanti2019 #SandipUniversity
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As promised, we will be posting pictures of Sandip University submitted by our students. Here is a wonderful click by our student 'Meet bhagat' of the University’s campus. We are always proud and thrilled to portray our students’ photographic skills on our Instagram page.

Do you also want to be featured on Sandip University’s Instagram page in a similar manner? Send in any photographs you may...

타임라인 사진

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A diagnosis at the right time can save a life, salvage a family. Today on National Cancer Awareness Day, Sandip University urges you to initiate a dialogue about #cancer and pledge to remain vigilant about detecting symptoms early on.

#NationalCancerAwarenessDay2019 #SandipUniversity
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Our strength lies in our resilience to stand united in the face of adversaries and adversities. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel worked tirelessly to ensure India’s unity by convincing 565 self-governing princely states to accede to India post Independence in 1947. Today on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s 144th birth anniversary and India’s 5th National Unity Day, Sandip University urges everyone to...
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