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Flexible office productivity comes easily with Galaxy Book Flex. Wirelessly flick between slides with S Pen Air Actions or instantly link up to your Galaxy smartphone with Samsung DeX. It’s the notebook built for simple, powerful usability. #GalaxyBook #ExpandYourGalaxy #withGalaxyBook

Galaxy Book Flex: Flexible Productivity | Samsung

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Effortlessly express your style with The Frame. With it’s No Gap Wall-Mount and customizable bezels, it transforms from a TV to a piece of art that fits right in with any interior decor choice. It’s a TV when it’s on, Art when it’s off.

Explore The Frame and other Samsung TVs designed to complement your lifestyle here: smsng.co/samsungtv_IG

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The Frame

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Why settle for a small screen when you can fully enjoy your vertical videos on TV?

Meet the Sero, the world’s first display that seamlessly rotates to accommodate both vertical and horizontal content, so you can experience the best of mobile entertainment.

View full video on YouTube: smsng.co/TheSero_FirstUnveil

#CES2020 #SamsungTV #TheSero #Samsung

[CES 2020] The First Unveil: The Sero

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Samsung Global posted on Jan 11, 2020

ภาพหน้าปกของ Samsung Global

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Hit the floor with BLACKPINK's dance crew as they take you step by step through the #danceAwesome challenge. Join on TikTok: smsng.co/danceAwesomechallenge

#danceAwesome tutorial by the BLACKPINK crew

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Push your viewing experience to the limit with a nearly-invisible bezel. Samsung QLED 8K’s Infinity Screen has an ultra slim frame that removes distractions for a more immersive experience.

It’s a new era of display technology, enhanced with redefined sound and picture quality.

This is the unrivaled QLED 8K: smsng.co/2020_QLED8K_Intro

#CES2020 #SamsungTV #QLED8K #FirstLook #Samsung

2020 QLED 8K Official Introduction | Samsung

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محمد محمد ابن حسن
Enter the age of experience with Samsung. Watch the keynote live at #CES2020 to share our vision for the future of tech and innovation. #AgeofExperience #Samsung
Learn more: [ Smsng.co Link ]

[CES 2020] Keynote Livestream: Age of Experience | Samsung

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Wish your game could catch up to your gameplay? Game Enhancer optimizes your screen so you have more control, with barely noticeable input lag, motion blur and judder.

#CES2020 #Gaming #QLED #Samsung


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What looks as good as it sounds? The stylish and compact S-Series, with groundbreaking side horn and Samsung acoustic beam technologies for the power to distribute lush, full audio throughout a room.

#CES2020 #SamsungTV #Soundbar #SSeries #Samsung

[CES 2020] S-Series Soundbar: Side Horn Technology

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Welcome to a future where innovation turns everyday lives into playgrounds full of unforgettable experiences.

From human-centric robots that roll to your command to modular displays and fridges that respond your needs and lifestyle. We’ll never stop innovating our technology to make this world more joyful, and help you do the things you love, better.

#CES2020 #AgeofExperience...

[CES 2020] Age of Experience│Samsung

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