SAMPLE SWAP CHALLENGE with Andrew Applepie! | Andrew Huang

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Nov 16, 2017


SAMPLE SWAP CHALLENGE with Andrew Applepie! | Andrew Huang
SAMPLE SWAP CHALLENGE with Andrew Applepie! | Andrew Huang thumb SAMPLE SWAP CHALLENGE with Andrew Applepie! | Andrew Huang thumb SAMPLE SWAP CHALLENGE with Andrew Applepie! | Andrew Huang thumb


  • Hey, it's Andrew Huang. Today I'm collaborating with Andrew Applepie, who you might know from places like
  • We thought we would do this challenge where we each record five samples and send them to the other person and then they have to
  • Make a track with it
  • They can use other samples as well, but those five have to be kind of the main ones
  • I feel like it'll be a super fun and fast way to exercise our creativity
  • So I'm gonna show you the samples that I'm putting together to send to him
  • And then I will show you what he sent me, and the beat that I will be making with them. Video time lines are hard
  • Let's make some samples. I want to start with some guitar. Just give him some chords to work with.
  • How about a bit of OP1 action now. I'm just gonna make him a bunch of weird kick drums. With the cow
  • I think we're also gonna need a single vocal note, (ooh!), and now how about some Microbrute!?
  • And last but not least, (banana slap!)
  • So I'm gonna send these to Andrew to make a track for his channel. Now, let's take a look at what he sent me.
  • All right he sent me a pretty good range of material, so let's just get our drum pattern down.
  • Tap tempo some kind of chill Andrew Applepie-ish tempo
  • Now let's put some compressors on these drums, uh, just to snap them up a bit
  • Okay, now let's use that accordion to make a bass line. I think I'll just do a simple kind of four chord progression.
  • I really like this low one
  • Last one's too quiet, okay. What do you know we have four different notes. Let's see what they sound like
  • Uh, I really like that already, sidechain into the drums, add some distortion.
  • Maybe more of a like guitar-type distortion
  • Yay!
  • I'm gonna chop out the parts of the vocal that I like the most
  • That's kind of cool, let's just compress and EQ this vocal. Maybe a little reverb to get it to sit nicely in our mix
  • All right, I guess all that's left is those ukulele samples. I think he only gave me one minor chord
  • And that's what we're gonna use and then there are these individual notes. Let's just plop that right on top and see what we get
  • Let's find the right key.
  • Yeah, I'm kind of into this
  • we'll put like this one note and kind of have it repeat and then turn it into a small little melody at the end of
  • the loop
  • And let's try and work those chords in
  • Okay, okay, I think I've got a match for every chord that is quite nice
  • Here's a little trick. I like to use sometimes, the second half of each chord being held is just the same chord
  • But reversed. So, you're gonna hear it like swell into the next chord
  • I'm trying the octave double trick again
  • it's just a, a handy way to fill out the frequency spectrum when your dealing with such a limited range of samples
  • And of course we're gonna compress and EQ and reverb that
  • Okay, I'm feeling pretty good about this, and that's all just with Andrew's samples. I'm gonna try and add a couple other details
  • I'm thinking at least some handclaps and a shaker, but we'll see where it goes
  • Whatever I end up adding to this track you're about to hear in this montage of Ableton flying me to Berlin
  • (music)
  • So I'm in this lovely little hotel for Loop, where I've got a couple talks
  • But it's a three-day event so I'm just excited to check it out. I have no idea what to expect
  • (music)
  • I'm all wired up! haha
  • We're about to do this talk! Woohoo!
  • I've managed to find a little quiet studio, there's not many places here that are quiet
  • It's full of producers, all kinds of music lovers, music instrument manufacturers.
  • lots of cool events, I've seen Susan Rogers speak, Jaylin, No Such Thing, Laura Halo there are workshops and performances
  • Crazy audio and visual installations
  • It's an amazing event. Ableton, you crushed it
  • This installation is like sheets of really thin fabric that light is being projected onto. Feels like you're inside a VR thing, without the helmet.
  • Let's do it, I am now in the home studio of Andrew Applepie
  • and uh, I'm gonna play him the track that I made that you guys have already been hearing in the video
  • But we're just gonna see what he thinks of it ready. Yeah, I'm ready. Pass the aux
  • (music)
  • Yeah, yeah. Its well done. Thanks man! I love it
  • So head over to Andrew's video
  • Which I will link everywhere and you can see the track that he made
  • with all of the sounds that you just heard me make for him
  • And we're also gonna film my reaction to it like right now. Yeah. Yeah, all right. Bye.

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Andrew Applepie's video! /watch?v=9VgFYKylXv8
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SAMPLE SWAP CHALLENGE with Andrew Applepie! | Andrew Huang

Andrew Huang