Now Closed - 24/7 action camp established in Fla to halt destruction of Floridan Aquifer by Enbridge owned Sabal Trail pipeline. This pipeline is for exporting

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Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) and the US Forest service will be heard before the US Supreme Court.concerning running the pipeline across the Appalachian Trail.

Natural Gas Pipeline, Iconic Trail at Odds in Supreme Court Case

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"Industry drafted legislation (HB 4615) that would make civil disobedience against a pipeline or other fossil fuel projects a felony is moving through the West Virginia legislature.
Eight of the nine co-sponsors of HB 4615 have received a collective $48,050 in campaign contributions from oil, gas, electric utility and railroad interests."
"We oppose this handout to the gas, oil, and coal...

West Virginia Legislation Would Make Civil Disobedience Against Gas Pipelines a Felony

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Nothing is sacred or safe from exploitation/destruction by this man & his ilk!

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Trump administration schedules lease sale for Arctic Alaska lands

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In a blow to marine life in the Salish Sea, Canadian court uphold Trans-Mountain pipeline approval

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Canadian court upholds Trans Mountain pipeline expansion approval

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As usual pipeline leak under reported. 9 acres instead of 1000 feet of cropland polluted

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Pipeline spill of oil wastewater bigger than first reported - KNBN NewsCenter1

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2 separate oil well wastewater spills in North Dakota affecting pasture & Crop lands as the Keystone pipeline gears up after Trump rolls back pipeline approvals including environmental impact studies.

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Two Separate Oil Spills Confirmed in North Dakota

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Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida - yes he is a Republican - moves to buy the largest wetland in America, the everglades to protect this national treasure from oil drilling! This in spite of Trump's rollback of the Clean Water Act rules protecting wetlands. Bravo Governor Ron DeSantis! Thank you for standing up for clean water!

[ Sun-sentinel.com Link ]

Florida buys Everglades land to prevent oil drilling

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