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Onam Ashamsakal to everyone!
May this festive season bring happiness & prosperity to all!
I have always received so much love whenever I've visited Kerala. During my recent visit, I had a very special interaction with Pranav. He is an artist who sketches with his legs and I was just amazed by his drive & motivation to overcome challenges.
This, to me, truly symbolizes the Spirit of Kerala!

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Caption this!

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This September, 100MB has something special for you!

There are 10 Collector's Edition merchandise signed by Brett Lee, Jonty Rhodes and me, available as part of #BID2WIN auction.

Check the #100MB App now or visit [ Pbl.cm Link ]
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सर्वांना गणेश चतुर्थीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा|
A very happy Ganesh Chaturthi to one and all.

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Another sport, but a special day by all means! My first Eagle at Willingdon Golf Course. ⛳‍♂

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One with the Support Staff, who rarely get appreciated.
Thank you for all your efforts and making every outing a memorable one.
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Our Hon. PM Shri Narendra Modi's #FitIndiaMovement launched today resonates with my dream of transforming into a #SportPlayingNation.

Just loving a sport isn't enough, we need to play it too!
Here's Varun Dhawan and I discussing the importance of sport & fitness in daily life.

Sachin and Varun Dhawan talk about #FitIndiaMovement #NationalSportsDay

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‪It’s always good to mix work with play. ‬
‪Had a lot of fun playing cricket with the crew during a shoot & was pleasantly surprised with Varun Dhawan dropping by along with Abhishek Bachchan who joined us for some time . ‬

Sachin and Varun Dhawan play cricket at a shoot.

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A day out with friends is always fun, especially when it involves sports. You get to challenge each other, and also stay FIT!
Had a nice time catching up with Kambli, Jagdish & Atul.

What sports are you playing with your friends?
#SportPlayingNation #FitIndiaMovement

Sachin plays Tennis and Badminton with Vinod Kambli and friends.

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Spent some time with these wonder women at the St. Anthony's Old Age Home, felt blessed by the love shown by them. Their excitement to play carrom knew no bounds.
As rightly said by our Hon. PM Shri Narendra Modi, SPORTS & FITNESS IS FOR ALL.

Sachin plays carrom with the elder residents of St. Anthony's Old Age Home

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