RUST | War Against our HOSTILE Neighbors! | S4-E1

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21:20   |   Sep 10, 2018


RUST | War Against our HOSTILE Neighbors! | S4-E1
RUST | War Against our HOSTILE Neighbors! | S4-E1 thumb RUST | War Against our HOSTILE Neighbors! | S4-E1 thumb RUST | War Against our HOSTILE Neighbors! | S4-E1 thumb


Welcome back to another video and another season! In this episode, Brocky and I set our sights for a highly populated area on the western side of the map. There are already established bases in the area, but we try our best to gear up! Enjoy!


MY SERVERS (Stevious 2x [NA & EU]):

Website (where to buy VIP):

Discord Link (only join if you are cool):

Server Rules:
1. Using third party apps to gain an advantage will get you banned!
2. Spamming will get you muted then banned if you continue.
3. Don't abuse exploits, there a consequences in place for players who do.
4. Leaking personal information will result in a ban.
5. Respect the staff, they do not get paid to manage the servers.
6. Attempts to crash the servers will result in a ban.
7. Self promoting / advertising will get you perma muted and possible ban.

Discord Rules:
1. Spamming will get you temp muted.
2. Keep all server related discussions in their server chats.
3. Chat is checked regularly so do not spam mention staff.

Server Info:
-2x server (2.5x wood and sulfur)
-5-man Team UI Limit
-All items stack like Vanilla
-150 pop
-3,250 map size
-Half smelt and craft speed (except for raiding items)
-Level 1 workbench blueprints unlocked
-Component System loot tables (no crappy BPs or other junk)



1st song (Intro): Reversed Beginning - Luwaks
2nd song: The Winner (Instrumental Version) - Tape Machines
3rd song: Breaking Walls (Instrumental Version) - Ramin
4th song: I Never Really Said It Out Loud - OTE
5th song: Waste Our Time - Tobias Fagerström
6th song: Spring Cleaning Song 3 - Anders Göransson
7th song: White Flag (Instrumental Version) - Tape Machines
8th song: The Cold Research 2 - Niclas Gustavsson
9th song (Outro): Para Mi - Bassio

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Computer Specs:
16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 RAM (3200mhz)
MSI Krait Gaming 3x Z170a Motherboard
Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full Tower
EVGA 600 B1 Modular Power Supply

Zowie EC-2A Mouse
Corsair RGB Straife Keyboard (Cherry MX Browns)
HyperX Cloud II Headset (Red)
Acer GN246HL 144hz Monitor
Steelseries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad
Audio Technica 2020 USB+ Microphone
Neewer Default Cissor Arm
Logitech C922x Webcam
GT Omega PRO XL Gaming Chair (Red)

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com