Russell Westbrook Reacts to His NBA 2K20 Player Rating

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Russell Westbrook Reacts to His NBA 2K20 Player Rating
Russell Westbrook Reacts to His NBA 2K20 Player Rating thumb Russell Westbrook Reacts to His NBA 2K20 Player Rating thumb Russell Westbrook Reacts to His NBA 2K20 Player Rating thumb


  • -There's so much to talk to you about.
  • -There's a lot. -There's a lot.
  • There's basketball. There' a fashion line, your charity
  • But also you have your hands full at home.
  • How are the twins? How are the babies?
  • [ Audience "aw"s ]
  • -Same thing I say every morning.
  • -Yeah, yeah, right, yeah. -Yeah, it's great.
  • -How old? -My son is two.
  • And my daughters are nine months now.
  • -Wow. -I know, it's so great.
  • -Is he a big brother now? Does he love it?
  • -Yeah, he loves it until I got the girls with me
  • and he gets upset. -Then he gets jealous.
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah. [ Laughter ]
  • And you and your wife Nina just celebrated
  • your fourth wedding anniversary?
  • Is that right? -Fourth, yeah. Fourth.
  • -That's great. -Yeah.
  • [ Applause ] Yeah.
  • -You -- you dated for a while, right?
  • -Yeah. 12 years. -How long did you guys date?
  • -12 years. -No, no.
  • -Since college.
  • -Russ, you can't date someone for 12 years.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • Dude, what is wrong with you, man?
  • How'd you get away with that
  • -Yeah, I don't know. -Oh, my gosh.
  • How did you do that? Yeah, but, you met in --
  • in college, right? UCLA? -Yeah. Yeah.
  • -And she played basketball as well.
  • -She did. She was actually a lot better than I was in college
  • -Yeah. -She was.
  • She was a lot better than me
  • -Do you guys ever play one on one?
  • -You know, we did. We did.
  • Uh, she won. She won. [ Laughter ]
  • And then she never played me again.
  • So I guess she just -- -She wanted to go out on top
  • -That's it, that's it. -Yeah, smart.
  • Over the summer, you -- you got traded to Houston.
  • -Yeah. Yeah. -The Houston Rockets.
  • So this is a whole new -- -Yeah, it's exciting, man.
  • -Whole new life for you.
  • -Yeah, man, it's kind of different hearing you say,
  • "Welcome, starting point guard from the Houston Rockets."
  • It was kind of weird for m for the first time.
  • But -- -It is, right?
  • -You know, it's exciting. I'm happy.
  • I'm so thankful for all the people in Oklahoma Cit
  • and just excited for a new journey, so...
  • -Yeah. Well, Houston's great.
  • I mean, they got some good - good food over there.
  • [ Laughter ] -That is true. That is true.
  • -They really got good food in Houston.
  • -Their food is hot though. It's really hot.
  • -It really is hot. But then you've got your pal
  • James Harden. -Yeah, the bearded one.
  • -Yeah, the bearded one. Yeah, exactly, yeah.
  • He's got a great -- he's got one of the best beard game
  • in the business.
  • -I mean, yeah, that may be true.
  • -Yeah. But you've knew him your whole life, right?
  • -I did. Since about 10, 11 years old
  • -Is that right? -Yeah, yeah.
  • -Would you ever grow a James Harden beard?
  • -Well, see, this is the problem.
  • I've never shaved in my life
  • So, what I got is what I got That's it.
  • [ Laughter ] That's it.
  • So, whatever you see... -Really?
  • -That's it. -Wow.
  • -So, this is what you're gonna get.
  • -That -- that's -- that's yo on, like, on a bender.
  • -Yeah. So, like, I've been growing this
  • for about 30 years.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • This is it. This is it.
  • This is it.
  • -We mocked it up to see what you would look like
  • if you had a beard. -Let's see.
  • -And, uh... [ Laughter ]
  • [ Applause ] Dude, not bad.
  • [ Laughs ] Not bad, though.
  • -It ain't bad. See, look at that.
  • -That's not bad, yeah. -It's not bad.
  • Only if I can grow it.
  • -You know, "NBA 2K20" just came out.
  • -Yep. -And a lot of people --
  • It just came out. Everyone's excited to play
  • But I don't know if you sa your rating.
  • You know, they rate the player in the game.
  • -You know what? I haven't.
  • I haven't even played the game yet.
  • You know, I think -- as you know --
  • -Would you like to know what your rating is tonight?
  • -I mean, sure. Why not?
  • -I mean, LeBron is 97.
  • -Okay. -Yeah.
  • -That's the best? -That's the best.
  • -Okay. -Yeah.
  • Do you want to know your rating? Drum roll, please?
  • -Let's check it out. -Your rating is...
  • [ Drum roll ]
  • ...90.
  • [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪♪♪
  • Is that good?
  • [ Applause ]
  • -I mean, I feel like they're clapping because it's good
  • -Yeah.
  • -But to me it just doesn't mean [bleep].
  • Nothing. [ Laughter ]
  • [ Applause ]
  • -Even you throwing that, I want to give you a 100.
  • Right there, just for that It was that good.
  • Yeah, you think the number should be higher, obviously.
  • Come on, it's Russell Westbrook.
  • -I just think it should be..
  • -Yeah. -...a number.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • -You're handling it really well.

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NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook admits his wife was a better basketball player in college, discusses his feelings about being traded to the Houston Rockets and reacts to his NBA 2K20 video game player rating. 

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Russell Westbrook Reacts to His NBA 2K20 Fan Rating