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WE MUST UNITE. We must notice any fear, lean into it and then send it on its way. Heroism is not about being fearless. It’s more about looking deep into the dangerous darkness of the unknown—in hot pursuit of the hopeful light. And then continuing. At all costs. SURRENDER NOT.

Stay at home. Wait this out. Seek the plentiful opportunities. To practice your craft. To reconnect with old...

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Life must continue. We must remain focused, strong, creativity, rested, productive, hydrated, brave, fit and absolutely bullish about the brighter future that is already on route. We are human. And so when all falls apart, we stand up.

And so, I’ve been back at writing my new book after weeks of intense preparation to protect my family and my team amid the pandemic. —
I’ll do 6-7 hours today...
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Working on my new book today in my writing room. Last month, when I wrote daily for 11+ days in a hotel room in TriBeCa, I shared with you I was handcrafting the book in deep isolation. Now, that’s become even more of a reality as we all self-quarantine for our safety and the safety of our communities.

Oh how the world has changed in a month. And yet, things must fall apart for better things...


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After the collapse, there will be calm.

Better days are ahead. First we must go through this, grow from this and remake ourselves through this.

There was too much busy, speed, selfishness, meanness, disunity and disrespect for the planet. So it all fell apart. So it could be made into a better place to be. Stand strong. And be of good courage. Love, Robin


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For those who have been doing the early morning work to fortify their 4 Interior Empires of Mindset, Heartset, Healthset and Soulset this period of deep volatility will present opportunities to create, grow, strengthen and serve.⁣⁣
Times like this are when genuine leaders and everyday heroes rise. And shine.⁣⁣
To help you navigate these difficult times, you can click here: [ Rshar.ma...
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Storms yield to calm seas. Volatility inevitably turns to serenity. And chaos gives birth to dancing stars (as Nietzsche taught is). I wanted to bring you some perspective, comfort and hope from The 5AM Club. Read the words. Live the message. And bring more love into our world.

To help you navigate these difficult times, I've given you access to my free eBook, The World Changer's Manifesto:

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Core Spirit: Where Science Meets Esoterica
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The deeper the change, the greater the pain. My heart aches for the sick and the scared. My prayers rise for the doctors, nurses and front-line workers. Our planet is in free fall. And yet...⁣
Old structures must crumble before better ones can be installed. We will all suffer. And then, our collective suffering will serve as our purification. Our fears and selfishness will be burned off in...
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Hello Good Person + Daily Hero. I thought this passage would bring you some inspiration and—perhaps—salvation during this dark time in our world. Be a great Leader Without a Title and help your neighbors as much as possible.

Please know and trust that the insecurity will eventually turn to tranquility and the volatility will give way to serenity. Of this, I am sure.

To help you navigate...

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Dark nights always give way to bright mornings. My heart aches for the sick and defeated, during this time vast crises on our tiny blue planet. Everyone is in my prayers, which have become deeper and louder than as never before. Please have ZERO doubt that the volatility will eventually turn to tranquility. And the chaos will birth calm.

For many weeks I’ve been urging people to stay at home...
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Volatile, confusing and very messy times are upon us...⁣

I want you to be so strong in your interior core and so fortified within your outer life that when things get even messier, you...⁣

...stay positive, brave and supremely focused on your mission plan.⁣

...turn insecurity into creativity and maximize your productivity so your mighty ambitions still get done.⁣

...leverage all the...
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