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L.A. 1931. Everybody's guilty of something…New original series #PerryMasonHBO premieres June 21 at 9p on HBO...

Perry Mason HBO Trailer

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Dupuis Michael Shannon
The sweetest things are worth waiting for…Susan and I are producing a Netflix original series, Sweet Tooth, based on the comic by Jeff Lemire. Can’t wait to share it with you all. NX Warner Bros. TV
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This Mother’s Day, more than ever, let’s honor the women that raise the children that inherit the Earth—
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I wanna let you know about one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself during this pandemic: GET TESTED. JP HRO has boots on the ground in LA, Atlanta and Detroit (more cities soon) offering free COVID-19 tests, no documentation necessary. Get more info on testing, volunteering and donating at coreresponse.org/covid19, and watch Sam Bayer’s tribute to the real superheroes...


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Laughing together, staying apart, supporting frontline health workers…You can count me in. Tune in this Friday 5/1 at 8p ET to support Americares and the heroes battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Celebrity Comedy Benefit Supports Americares COVID-19 Response | Americares

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In honor of EARTH DAY, and in tandem with
Paige Winter's (FPC North Carolina Ambassador’s) 18th BDAY...The as-promised Footprint Coalition official website launch... [ Footprintcoalition.com Link ] Footprint Coalition #EarthDay2020 #EarthDay50 #FootPrintCoalition
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Brighter days ahead. PERRY MASON premieres June 21st, on HBO
Please enjoy the OFFICIAL TEASER TRAILER... #PerryMasonHBO

현재 이 콘텐츠를 이용할 수 없습니다

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I know it's Tuesday because I'm still wearing my Sunday pajamas. I ALSO know a way to get an exclusive sneak peek at PERRY MASON. All my love, DSB (double-scrub Bob) #PerryMasonHBO

Perry Mason Sneak Peek

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Thanks to everyone who put a smile on my face today. There's a lot of you out there...
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First off, thanx for all the b-day wishes, much appreciated..
Like so many, our family has lost friends and relatives over the last several weeks. The (well advised) inability to congregate , grieve , mourn, celebrate in a natural way has been less than ideal..
When the time is right, I’ll pay proper homage to the fallen..
Meanwhile, I feel driven to think of some new ways of communicating...
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