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Question: Do you write/plan your workouts out before starting each one?

For the first time in... at least a year, I wrote my workout out before starting it (I’ve been so used to just following my intuition with training recently), and by doing so - I found myself pushing harder than usual.

Committed to every set, every last rep, and that warm up - really had me sweating by the end, meaning I...
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The difference between the impossible and possible lies in a man’s determination.



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Back workouts when you don't have any equipment at home can be challenging to say the least - but not impossible.

As a ##fableticsmenambassador - one area I like to contribute to is offering some alternative ways to effectively workout at home with little to no equipment.

Today's circuit definitely had me feeling a pump in my back before the end of round 1, and I had 4 more round left to...

Fabletics Men Home Back Workout

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Catch my next Powertec LIVE Stream on early next week, when I'll be taking a look at a no-weight lower body home workout.

Upper Body At Home Exercises

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Perspective is the way we see things when we look at them from a certain distance, and it allows us to appreciate their true value.

Sticking to limited social interactions, and making use with this time to plant more seeds for future harvest.

New by @olivercabell.
Somewhere DTLA.

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Binu M. Oommen
Training from home means sometimes you've got to think outside the box to get effective muscle building workouts in.
But that doesn't mean it has to be complicated.
Tension, volume and intensity. Those are the only 3 ingredients you need. Whether it's a kettlebell, a water jug, or a backpack full of textbooks.
Make use of what you've got available and keep training hard!
Need some...

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Following on from last weeks "At Home Workouts" - Today is all about the Chest.

This Chest Circuit will quite literally - take your breath away (and give you an awesome pump at the same time)!!

Perform each movement for 30 seconds (up to 60 if you're feeling fit and strong), and one all 5 movements are finished, return back to the start and repeat the circuit 3 to 5 times over.


At Home Chest Circuit | FableticsMen

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Seems fitting for a quote from one of my favorite movies: Where there’s a will, and there is a f’ing will, there’s a way, and there is a f’ing way.

If you have a desire to workout. You’ll find a way. (You just have to think outside the box sometimes).

by @snhfoto
@the_real_gym_chessington @ TRG - The Real Gym, Chessington

รูปภาพจากโพสต์ของ Rob Riches

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This video was filmed last year - and while I'm not advocating training outside or around groups at this time, I wanted to share a few exercise variations that you may be able to modify to perform either at home, or where you're able to safely train without being around groups.


Beach/Outdoor Body Blitz Circuit | Blue Star Nutraceuticals

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If anyone if looking to upgrade their home or garage gym set up - this combo from Powertec is a winner - and one that I personally have in my studio gym.

Search for Powertec Power Rack.

The Ultimate Garage Gym Power Rack

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