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Reminder: Do the good thing here! Avery Hill Trails need your help to keep going.

PETITION: Save Avery Hill Trails | Ride UK BMX

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Dream winter set up!

G*Y*P*O Trails -Cleethorpes

G.Y.P.O. BMX: The Barn | Ride UK BMX

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Oliver Davitt
Kyra Karpen
The new Asylum park has seen a lot of action recently! Scott Hamlin and Tom Justice with the quick clips.

Spot Check >> [ Rideukbmx.com Link ]

Justice & Hamlin @ Asylum

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@courageadams doing that line that you always joke about with your mates
#rideukbmx #rideuk #bmx #courageadams
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Brandon Carroll
Eti Sadiku
Cammeron Adcock
Clayton Backpeddling
Matt Henton
Ride UK BMX posted on Jan 18, 2020

Ride UK BMX posted on Jan 18, 2020

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Simon Springall
Cody Chic
Charles William Gowers
Throwback to the Premium UK team days. These guys were always busy! Shout out to TM Rob Andrews for making trips happen.

1. Luke Fairey, icepick
2. Leigh 'Sketch' James, tranny channel
3. Chris Mole Smith, fufanu
4. Brad McNicol, tuck no hander
5. Jordan Waters, downwhip

Robin Persona
#BMX #UKBMX #rideuk #rideukbmx

Photos from Ride UK BMX's post

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Leigh 'Sketch' James
Greg Davies
Boss work. In case you missed it... Broc Raiford on Sunday Bikes. Great little welcome edit – some heavy clips in here!

SUNDAY BIKES: Welcome Broc Raiford | Ride UK BMX

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The UK's Joe Embrey on riding for FBM Bikes for the last five years:

"Getting the chance to be involved with FBM, and being lucky enough to meet, travel and ride with the amazing group of people who make up FBM, has completely changed my view on BMX and life in so many ways, for the better!

I and so many others for the same reasons, know that FBM goes way beyond a physical product, and that...
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FBM Bikes

FBM closes its doors | Ride UK BMX

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Brett Staples
Henderson Convery
Juan Ruiz Escalante
Jernej Zadravec
Chris Sellers
The one and only FBM Bikes is closing its doors*. FBM to us always meant unmatched stoke, spirit of adventure, true DIY, savage products... That doesn’t change. They leave a fine legacy.

*The doors of its machine shop. That means no more FBM frames, but hopefully they'll keep rolling in other ways.

Timeline Photos

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Harry Jolly
Jon Matthews
Ronnie Crooks
Ryan Woodmass