Rick and Morty Season 4 Trailer - New Scenes and Easter Eggs Breakdown

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Nov 02, 2019


Rick and Morty Season 4 Trailer - New Scenes and Easter Eggs Breakdown
Rick and Morty Season 4 Trailer - New Scenes and Easter Eggs Breakdown thumb Rick and Morty Season 4 Trailer - New Scenes and Easter Eggs Breakdown thumb Rick and Morty Season 4 Trailer - New Scenes and Easter Eggs Breakdown thumb


  • all right look Morty Kojima just wants us to reconnect the fractured society
  • and stop the stranding what are all these goats those are the
  • stranding rail okay yeah I wasn't paying attention oh I we've been walking for a
  • while and I got this baby in a tube here it's some sort of crazy upgrade hold on
  • I've got an idea not an upgrade let's eat it we can't eat
  • it so baby what if it makes us run faster jump higher okay let's eat the
  • baby yeah hey what's up guys what's up guys and season 4 it's the forest of
  • all seasons
  • cuz it's the fourth one it's a lot different from season three you've got a
  • lot of a lot of shoot-'em-ups a lot of laser shoot-'em-ups and crystals little
  • monster I thought you were you took that in stride there are old
  • faces coming back for a little bit more of that old stuff that they did the
  • reason the you're getting five and then a small break and then the back five is
  • because Turner Broadcasting warned us about entertainment signal levels we had
  • all ten ready to go but we had to legally cut it back to just five we did
  • some focused test screenings we showed all ten episodes to a housewife from
  • Salt Lake City and her balls blew off like after episode three it was just too
  • much we upped it by two episodes for the skateboard crowd because they're more
  • extreme they drink Mountain Dew it's really because if you watch them all
  • together in a row it's they're so good it has a high effect on your deep
  • cellular tissue Rick and Morty could actually literally
  • blow your balls off we missed all of our deadlines you say you love
  • before season 4 premieres on November 10
  • the Rick and Morty binge a - thon next Sunday from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.
  • binge till the Sun comes up welcome back everyone it's Charlie we have brand new
  • Rick and Morty season 4 footage to breakdown they did a big stranding
  • crossover and they released descriptions for all of the episodes for the first
  • half of the season so I'll be doing Easter egg videos all
  • season long if you're brand new to my channel be sure to subscribe to get the
  • videos and I will do merch giveaways and all my Rick and Morty videos all you
  • have to do to enter those is just be a subscriber and leave your best season
  • for theory on the video just starting with the Kojima stranding
  • crossover footage if you're not familiar with stranding that's the game the
  • Kojima is releasing and actually I think the next week if not the next couple of
  • days I love how quickly Morty turns around on Rick's plan like no we have to
  • piece together these disparate pieces of society left over after this giant
  • Cataclysm we have to keep this baby safe well what if the baby gives us special
  • powers makes us run fast then not wasting a minute okay let's totally eat
  • the baby there's also this one screen grab that they posted to their Twitter
  • account saying that we're only allowed to show you this and it's totally out of
  • context it's just Jerry standing up to Rick and Rick looking
  • like he's really pissed off that he has to take it it does sort of harken back
  • to what they said about the new dynamic for season 4 which just like Beth
  • said at the end of season three is very much like the season 1 season 2 dynamic
  • where he's the old grandpa that they tolerate but they don't question the
  • fact that Morty goes on adventures with him every week then there's all that
  • brand-new footage from the other promo new footage of Professor poopy butthole
  • fighting his students off in the classroom there's new footage of them
  • flying through this asteroid field then this scene of the snake shooting the
  • other snake you probably recognize as a parody of the first Terminator movie
  • which I guess makes Morty there Sarah Connor this snake is wearing the exact
  • same shirt in jacket is Kyle Reese and has the same ability to work a shotgun
  • just as well and this snake has the cybernetic looking Terminator red eyes
  • like the t100 hard to tell which episode this correlates to but then there's more
  • footage of the me seeks scene for some reason Morty hits
  • the button on the me six box but Rick yells added to Morty r.i.p Rivoli
  • o´clock burg then there's this new scene of rick yelling at morty about stealing
  • crystals which they also reference during this akira reference scene later
  • in the trailer looking like it gives more days some sort of akira like
  • abilities this scene is just more of them at that lush planet from the last
  • trailer then dan and justin both a joke about why Adult Swim is only advertising
  • five episodes before the break everybody is asking this and they're like what's
  • the deal with them only saying five episodes he blames the break on lame
  • audience members in the Midwest like he talks about mom's than the skateboard
  • crowd but really it's the exact same thing they did during season one
  • breaking the season in half they aired season one at the end of the year then
  • what happened is they went on break for a couple weeks during the Christmas and
  • New Year's holiday then they came back for the rest of the episodes the second
  • half of the season at the end of January so they might just do the exact same
  • thing but Justin does confirm go on a little break after the first five
  • episodes then come back so it's not like there's only going to be 5 episodes
  • total they're supposed to be ten total episodes in season 4 Justin makes fun
  • of them for blowing all their deadlines but they are actually working on season
  • five episodes already while they're in post-production on the last couple of
  • episodes for season 4 so don't worry it's not like they're behind schedule or
  • anything like that that's just them poking fun at themselves for how slow
  • they used to be there was also another brand new clip that they dropped during
  • the Adult Swim development meeting recently I can't post the complete clip
  • here but it was basically Morty getting bit in outer space while they were
  • changing one of the tires on Rick's spaceship in the dead of space Rick
  • tells Morty to be careful what could possibly hurt us out here because
  • there's nothing around them then all of a sudden this space snake that you see
  • dead on the dashboard just winds its way up and bites Morty through his space
  • suit rick yells at him to get back in the spaceship then you get the scene of
  • morty complaining about dying in rick complaining about Morty's complaining
  • before they get back to the garage and he tells him not to put too much of the
  • ointment on himself or he'll have to hunt what he becomes which he then
  • totally does and rick just slowly pulls his gun out everyone pull out your
  • voucher for one free replacement morty the last promo is just a special rick
  • and morty marathon that Adult Swim is running Sunday in honor of the season 4
  • episode 1 premiere so they might drop some new footage in
  • middle of that if they do I'll totally do a new Easter egg video for it but
  • recently they also just released official descriptions of the first five
  • episodes all the ones that are airing before the Christmas holiday because
  • technically season 4 is meant to be ten episodes but they're just promoting
  • the first half of it before the big holiday break some of these are real
  • gems and you'll see and they're listed in order so it's season 4 episode 1
  • through episode 5 going down the list edge of two more T rigged I repeat more
  • T goes nuts this time dog Ric does stuff season 4 premiere bro the title edge of
  • tomorrow Ric diver Pete is a reference to edge of tomorrow the Tom Cruise movie
  • based on the Japanese manga all you need is it sounds like he or Rick or
  • both of them might wind up dying repeatedly but the description only
  • mentions morty going crazy in this and my earlier theory was is that it would
  • be the chachi episode of them running from the aliens just because there's a
  • big alien threat in edge of tomorrow season 4 episode 2 the old man in the
  • seat we all have one thing in common bro I don't know bro watch this one
  • surprisingly unhelpful description but the title is a reference to Ernest
  • Hemingway's the old man in the sea is the story of an old man trying to catch
  • a giant fish in the battle that he has with it since Rick spends so much of his
  • time in the promo though in that special hover chair pretty safe bet that the
  • title is a reference to that in the episode season 4 episode 3 one crew over
  • the crew coos Morty lots of twists and turns this time bro wear your helmets
  • also a description that's not super helpful but it might be related to the
  • Akira's situation reference that they make during the trailer with morty
  • battling people behind the mall and then summer and beth fighting each other on
  • that airport tarmac Captain America Civil War style Claude hoarder special
  • ricktum Morty Morty gets a dragon in this one bro it's a wild ride bro the
  • title is a reference to Law & Order Special Victims Unit they confirm in the
  • description that this is the one where Morty gets a dragon that Rick is talking
  • about during the trailer but it's kind of hard to connect any of the other
  • trailer footage to what's going on inside the living room here when they're
  • talking about the dragon Law & Order Special Victims Unit is the show that
  • ice-t is on but I don't know if they have any plans to bring back the water
  • tee character from get schwifty they joked on the commentary about that about
  • how the story that they did in the post-credits scene could have been their
  • new Game of Thrones like maybe we should do some more with that with that
  • intergalactic war that they keep referencing then season 4 episode 5
  • rattle star Ric lactic ax lots of things happen in space bro snakes and sharp
  • stuff watch this bro the title of the episode is a reference to Battlestar
  • Galactica but it also specifically mentions space snakes in the description
  • so that's from this episode with the dead space snake wearing the spacesuit
  • that had just bitten Morty if you spotted any other big Easter eggs and
  • the trailers that I didn't mention in the video just post them below in the
  • comments and Rick and Morty season 4 episode 1 will be releasing on November
  • 12 so it's almost just a week away since they post those episodes so late at
  • night all my easter egg videos for the
  • episodes will post monday mornings as long as you have alerts enabled for my
  • channel you should see the videos whenever I post them but leave all your
  • bonus video requests or if you have any big questions you want me to include in
  • videos congratulations Sean pero you're the giveaway winner from my last Rick
  • and Morty video please email me on the about page of my channel so I can get
  • your details every one click here for that last pick Rick and Morty trailer
  • with all the fourth wall break scenes and click here for my giant Rick & Morty
  • season 4 playlist thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome we'll
  • see you guys tonight

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