Richard Hammond takes his daughters off-roading

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Richard Hammond takes his daughters off-roading
Richard Hammond takes his daughters off-roading thumb Richard Hammond takes his daughters off-roading thumb Richard Hammond takes his daughters off-roading thumb


  • I’m Richard Hammond and I’m 50 this year.
  • There you go. I said it.
  • And yes, I am having a midlife crisis.
  • But I’m not ashamed of that.
  • In fact I’m celebrating it.
  • I’ve already covered off all the usual cliches:
  • fast cars, fast bikes, that sort of stuff,
  • in fact there was only one thing left
  • One giant treat-to-self
  • to mark the passing of a middle aged milestone.
  • And it’s this…
  • my midlife crisis pick-up truck.
  • But this isn’t any old pick-up truck.
  • It’s a Ford Ranger Raptor,
  • and it’s built using technology from off-road racing trucks.
  • So it’s got vented discs all round,
  • and four, yes four, off-road tow hooks.
  • This is a very serious bit of kit.
  • Now, I know what you’re thinking.
  • Look at that idiot, he’s basically bought a racing truck.
  • A racing truck he can’t even use in real life.
  • But not so.
  • You see, crisis or not, I am a family man
  • and this is a brilliant family car,
  • as I shall now demonstrate by taking
  • my teenage daughters on a trip to the shops…
  • Hello girls.
  • Yeah,
  • road trip!
  • Hello daddy!
  • Yes we love you very much.
  • Right everybody seatbelts on.
  • Excellent.
  • You see, I have been grown up here because
  • my midlife-crisis pickup truck is also
  • a perfect family car. It’s got everything you need.
  • And, although it’s got a 213 horsepower twin turbo engine,
  • it also meets Euro 6.2 which means
  • it’s kinder to the environment.
  • And we all know how much teenagers
  • care about the environment.
  • Don’t you girls?
  • Yep.
  • Alright girls, I'll see you in half an hour.
  • They love me.
  • SNAP!
  • You’re having a midlife crisis.
  • I’m not!
  • Dearest
  • darling
  • how
  • do I love you?
  • Too much.
  • And who’s paying for all that?
  • It’s, it’s me isn’t it.
  • Get in.
  • Right, seatbelts on please.
  • What’s that?
  • Organic smoothie?
  • Yep, of course it is.
  • Right, let’s get home.
  • Another thing that means my truck is a sensible family car
  • is it’s got stability control with roll mitigation.
  • In case you’re one of those dads with a reputation for, you know,
  • sometimes getting into a spot of bother in a car.
  • It’s also got something called load adaptive control
  • which means the stability systems actually take...
  • Right, enough of that.
  • Girls, I’m just going to take a little shortcut…
  • That okay?
  • Good.
  • We're there in no time girls.
  • Why didn’t you let me teach you to drive?
  • Oh wait a minute,
  • I’ve done this bit wrong.
  • Don’t worry hill start assist, watch this.
  • Well what do you think of that?
  • And we are home.
  • Come on Girls how much do you love daddy?
  • You can say.
  • Yeah let’s not, let’s not tell your mother about that.

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Richard Hammond turns 50 this year and he has a final mid-life crisis box to tick. He has done supercars, super bikes, and now there's only one thing left – a pick-up truck. Watch him take the Ford Ranger Raptor for a spin with his daughters. We can't blame him for taking the 'scenic' route home.

Watch the first episode here: /watch?v=rax0CgbL1II

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