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For your true ‘never say die’ spirit, Bartosz Ostałowski, you’re a mate and we salute you!

N​othing stops Bartosz

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You definitely chose the right colour. Thank you.

​Collecting my new car and driving it for the first time

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Jim Clark was a proper legend and should be top of the list for all of us who love cars and driving.

T​he lap record that will never be broken

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I’m watching our new show now and would love to hear what you think....

Richard Hammond's BIG.... Get it?

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Join me on DriveTribe tonight when I’ll be ready for your comments as I explore the biggest car factory in the world in the first episode of my new series, Big.

Tonight. Discovery, 9pm GMT. We can watch it together. I wore safety glasses.

[ Bit.ly Link ]
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Me in a German sausage factory... what’s the wurst that could happen?

The car factory that makes sausages

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A​pologies for the quality, I'm in need of a new phone.

U​sing my Christmas present for the first time

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I understand the need to be safe, but this is just ridiculous…

Outfit change

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