Comedian, actor, leg model, cryptozoologist, artist, author.

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Tis the season to buy gifts! What is better than the gift of RHYS? Check out the Awesomeness Comedy store on Amazon to buy either one of my kids books or my DVDs. Shipping only in North America (everyone else can look at mightyape.co.nz)

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Amazon.com Seller Profile: Awesomeness Comedy

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Karen Hulme Alegi
Finally, my football skills are being recognized...

Taika Waititi’s ‘Next Goal Wins’ Adds Rhys Darby, Angus Sampson & More

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This game...

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Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer

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Andy Vause
TOMORROW! Los Angeles, myself and fellow Kiwi Steve Wrigley will be bringing the laughs to Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank! Follow link to book tickets!

Rhys Darby

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Jamie Nicki
Hey guys! Exciting news! I will be launching a new alien podcast in the new year with Buttons! We would LOVE to hear your stories, experiences and thoughts on aliens. Have you seen a UFO? Do you think aliens are out there? Do you have questions for our experts? Comment below or @ me!
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Way back when...one of the first TV interviews I did after Flight of the Conchords season 1, with my now mate, David Farrier!

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David Farrier meets Rhys Darby

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Aaron Richards
Karen Hulme Alegi
Helen Mary
Debra S Roberts
Roll Call! Who is coming to Flappers Burbank (Los Angeles) shows?

Rhys Darby

EVENT - facebook.com
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Well well, look who shows up in this brand new music video for Karma by Desert Sparrow !!!
Enjoy, share and follow this great band on Spotify. Have a great weekend. x


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Vaughn Dixon
Hi everyone! My only LA standup performance will be at Flappers Comedy Club Burbank on Nov 8th and 9th. Be sure to cruise on down for the lolness factor. TICKETS:
[ Flapperscomedy.com Link ]
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Trevor Joe Lennon
This is how I spend my days, honestly.

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