It’s Chocolate. It’s Peanut Butter. It’s in the shape of a cup… usually. We think you should eat one. Right now. ;-)
https://bit.ly/2HHRvsa. Seriously. Not Sorry.

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Patience is lame. These cups are best served NOW. #NotSorry
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Feel free to stare #notsorry


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We just invented the greatest elevator in history #notsorry


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We don’t mean to offend, but any resolution that would limit Reese’s is stupid #justsayin

New Year's Resolution

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The same chocolate and peanut butter cup you love. Just thinner. #NotSorry

How Thin Are Reese's THiNS?

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Start this year off the same way you did last year. With Reese’s. #NotSorry
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Don’t think about how much Reese’s look like actual trees. Think about how much chocolate and peanut butter they’ve got. #NotSorry
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Wrapping is the worst part of the holidays, unwrapping Reese’s is the best. But you already knew that. #NotSorry
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The holidays are here and so are delectable REESE'S Crinkle Cookies. So good you'll want to share, or maybe not at all. We'd understand. #NotSorry [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Still loves ‘em.

현재 이 콘텐츠를 이용할 수 없습니다

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