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A brand new 90-minute special, coming exclusively to Dave on Thursday 9th April!

Watch the trailer and find out more here: [ Reddwarf.co.uk Link ]

Red Dwarf The Promised Land | Thursday 9th April | Dave

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Are you excited yet?
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Someone’s getting an upgrade. #RedDwarf: The Promised Land, coming soon to Dave.
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#RedDwarf: The Promised Land. Coming soon to Dave.

Red Dwarf

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The feature-length Red Dwarf Special. Coming soon to Dave. Consider yourself teasered.

Brand New Red Dwarf | COMING SOON | Dave

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We're the Smart (Breakdown) Party! The boys from the Dwarf need another helping hand from the AA in the latest TV advert - check it out here, and watch out for it on a screen near you!

AA Stellar Rescue – Smart Breakdown

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Can YOU answer 73 questions - one for every single episode of #RedDwarf - in our Biggest Quiz Ever? WARNING: Not for the faint of fandom.

Biggest. Quiz. Ever.

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32 years ago today, it all began at The End. Share your #RedDwarf memories, quotes, pictures and anything else you smegging well like on this, our birthday!
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So what's going to happen in the #RedDwarfSpecial on Dave later this year? To find out, check out the official synopsis here!

What's It All About?

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Introducing Red Dwarf Special guest star... RAY FEARON! But who's he playing, and why does he look so feline? Read on: [ Reddwarf.co.uk Link ]
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