Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 23

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Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 23
Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 23 thumb Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 23 thumb Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 23 thumb


  • what is up guys welcome back to the
  • channel so today we are gonna continue
  • working on this 2016 Lamborghini Huracan
  • and as you know this thing is pretty
  • much bone stock but today we're gonna
  • change that with something very special
  • this thing is super lightweight and as
  • you know we got our armytrix exhaust and
  • this thing is fully titanium so let's go
  • ahead crack it open and see what it
  • looks like oh I'm excited and I'm super
  • excited man I've never been more excited
  • for this build right here and this is
  • the first titanium exhaust ever that
  • we're doing and it's gonna be on the
  • Lamborghini armytrix always coming in
  • clutch huge shout-out to armytrix they
  • sound absolutely amazing so let's get at
  • it and see what this thing is about
  • [Music]
  • dude this is in the moment of truth oh
  • this is the moment we have all been
  • waiting for
  • perfect timing because we didn't secure
  • that rear bumper and that's why we
  • haven't been securing it because won't
  • that buffer to slide right off and
  • install these bad boys right here what
  • we got here what we got here I just
  • wanna see what's inside this thing right
  • here man I can't wait to see what the
  • tips look like feel how light that is
  • what the heck dude it is super light
  • tips that's gonna look so sick on the
  • car Oh zip that aside and keep on
  • digging here is that lightweight - let
  • me give it a feel it's all light way
  • dude I want to open this this looks safe
  • I wish you guys could peel this right
  • now or feel how light it is you've
  • compared to that stock big box that's in
  • the back over there we're gonna have to
  • wait weigh the exhausts the difference
  • between both of them welds dude that is
  • like that
  • I cannot man I'd have to be years x.18
  • one day right dude that is insane first
  • time ever seen a titanium exhaust in
  • person and messing with it that is crazy
  • said does has it out just like the stock
  • the stock actually has valve I don't
  • even know if we're gonna have to run the
  • vacuum lines because the car already has
  • the lines ran yeah it does have a vacuum
  • system to the exhaust that controls it
  • so this probably don't need it I don't
  • know we're about open everything up
  • usually army tricks has a button that
  • you can control the valve atronics
  • system but but the Huracan already has
  • it in the course of strata and built in
  • so hopefully we don't have to run no
  • extra wires but not a big deal would
  • check that out man all see the axle box
  • itself yeah alright another tip right
  • here in a box you just
  • bringing sauce typhoon absolutely
  • amazing slice and dice it oh my goodness
  • dude absolutely amazing already know
  • that sound is gonna be absolutely
  • amazing check that out army tricks right
  • there
  • titanium Performance Exhaust Lamborghini
  • Huracan v6 10 we got the LP 610 here
  • front in now we're gonna put the LP 610
  • on the rear end to fully convert this
  • thing to LP 610 pretty much this thing
  • is insane
  • check that out check out the well dude
  • that is crazy
  • look how like that is super lightweight
  • like two two people have to pick up the
  • stock version yeah I know I think he's
  • heavy
  • dude that is super light we're doing
  • some weight reduction right now at its
  • finest definitely what else what else
  • here you have the og armytrix box that
  • every exhaust comes with I'll see what's
  • inside here
  • we do have buttons yep I guess to
  • actuate an actuator and vacuum line
  • should be underneath this box check it
  • out or no is it yeah you know we do have
  • lines actuators and we got everything
  • which we love running this stuff is
  • pretty dang simple one of the easiest
  • yeah we have to even if we have to run
  • and we may not even run it may use the
  • stock vacuum line system mean something
  • else
  • owner with this is I'll be a hardware
  • hardware let's see let's go ahead and
  • turn this sucker around take that rear
  • bumper off and get at it oh yeah let's
  • do it man let's put this thing on
  • alright guys so this is probably gonna
  • be the last cold start ever with this
  • stock exhaust on here right old stock so
  • go ahead
  • she lets him do the honors he's been
  • helping around and stuff or I'll let him
  • do the last cold start ever cold starts
  • with titanium yes sir
  • go ahead let her rip this probably first
  • time he ever started a Lambo right Sam
  • [Applause]
  • after it warms up it does get a lot
  • quieter go ahead and turn her around
  • we're gonna do like some revs possibly
  • some before and after do some rap let's
  • do it because we want to show them the
  • before and after yeah we're gonna go
  • ahead let it get hot now and we're gonna
  • look cuz this last time yeah and then
  • we're let it cool off for a bit before
  • we start working on it let's go ahead
  • and let her rip few times strata mode
  • right here go ahead
  • for some mode engage
  • all right both of the modes right what
  • do we got here we got strata sport and
  • Corsa but I just do strata and straight
  • Corsa that's gives that deep level of
  • difference between the exhaust tones so
  • right now we're gonna let this thing
  • cool off while that's cooling off we're
  • going to remove the start removing stuff
  • like the rear bumper and all that good
  • stuff let's get started
  • [Music]
  • right that's some weight reduction right
  • there I'll tell you what automatically
  • adds what 250 horsepower by removing
  • that it removes about 250 pounds yeah
  • the thing is heavy I'd say roughly
  • around probably what do you say a
  • hundred pounds probably about a hundred
  • pounds that thing is sure is heavy so
  • right now time to throw in there new
  • exhaust and look at lecture room it's
  • gonna eliminate oh yeah this takes up so
  • much space and weight so that's that
  • exhaust is just gonna be a lot more
  • efficient I'll tell you that much
  • dude this thing you're just like a big
  • old piece of trash can right here get
  • rid of this 100% get my flowers that's
  • what I'm talking about look at the
  • difference look just look at the
  • different that that that's a huge
  • difference
  • look how much weight we're gonna say
  • this especially that it's titanium but
  • you pick that one up that's like this
  • weighs as much as this killed what he's
  • under for actually have to install that
  • you sure what do you think probably not
  • a little bit more research on it for
  • sure definitely do a little bit more
  • research on that
  • let's tell this toss on these tips also
  • oh no the tips are right Jenner tips
  • actually get on installed on the on the
  • rear bumper that these tips actually
  • mount to the rear bumper so we're gonna
  • be like that is gonna look so good with
  • the burnt tips holy now they just keep
  • on going now we can install the exhaust
  • so let's go ahead and start putting this
  • thing together and see how this thing
  • goes on the car
  • [Music]
  • alright guys so when I was installing
  • this I was actually looking at some of
  • these brackets in the heat shield
  • brackets on the stock exhaust and we're
  • actually gonna have to use that heat
  • shield and there will be a lot better to
  • use it because that heat shield is
  • actually designed to release the heat
  • from the rear of the bumper so we're
  • gonna go ahead and take this back off
  • real quick and put that heat shield on
  • this new exhaust
  • [Music]
  • man this thing looks like a mammoth got
  • tusks and all after we took off the heat
  • shield check that out dude that's like a
  • big old box right here just collecting
  • all that beautiful noise and sound but
  • now we're gonna go ahead and toss this
  • ass I don't know where we're gonna put
  • it it takes about like three three feet
  • up three feet up so we're gonna have to
  • put this side but now we got our heat
  • shield off and what I was mentioning to
  • you guys about how it extracts the heat
  • from the rear bumper as you can tell it
  • sits like this and they and you know
  • they're smart they install these little
  • vent holes and it escapes from the rear
  • bumper you know that mesh grille that
  • goes back Zack Lee makes sense I mean
  • it's Lamborghini for you right there
  • yeah I was looking at it that's when I
  • decided like dude we need to use the
  • heat shield because the exhaust if we
  • didn't put this it would just trap all
  • the heat right here and it's not good so
  • let's go ahead install this heat shield
  • on our new exhaust
  • [Music]
  • you guys ready I'm ready dude oh I'm
  • just excited to see how this thing
  • sounds ooh this is gonna be awesome
  • let's go ahead and give this thing the
  • cold start it's dead black I'm gonna
  • back all the way up don't shoot enough
  • flame balls at me now I'm ready
  • [Applause]
  • [Applause]
  • oh yeah words
  • so guys I believe that actuation system
  • the stock one doesn't work properly with
  • this exhaust but we don't care about
  • that it stays wide open that's what we
  • want and that's all you got to do to
  • this Lambo is just keep it wide open to
  • a wide open
  • we'll go ahead and start it back up let
  • it warm up a little bit more i'ma check
  • for any leaks or anything not that there
  • will be because this exhaust is so short
  • and the way that clamp works it just
  • clamps it down really tight so I'm gonna
  • go ahead start it up let it warm up then
  • we give you guys some revs
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • do it
  • there that thing is absolutely insane a
  • lot deeper tone a lot better tone I love
  • it that sounds so crisp
  • dude that's legit man that's a one legit
  • exhaust right there
  • 100% is insane now after the exhaust we
  • went ahead in through the pipes or the
  • tips in my plan very simple with three
  • bolts on the back end so just super
  • simple went ahead threw it off because
  • we actually had to throw the bumper on
  • off-camera to adjust everything
  • perfectly
  • we got everything adjusted but before we
  • get to this bumper we got to go ahead
  • and start doing like our taillights yeah
  • all that good stuff so man dude I just
  • looked over it I can't wait to actually
  • go through a tunnel or something go
  • about that I'll go down the road and
  • just let this thing you rip and scream
  • dude so guys let's go ahead and install
  • the rest of these rear end pieces
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • all righty guys so that part of the
  • engine bay is complete now we're gonna
  • go ahead and start throwing on the tail
  • lights dude let's do it the tail lights
  • are on we're looking at this rear bumper
  • and since we painted that front bumper
  • guys as you know we use a different base
  • coat on the rear so we're probably gonna
  • end up repainting that rear bumper to
  • get it that exact match as the front
  • bumper because the front bumper actually
  • matches this better than the rear bumper
  • does yeah cuz what do we use we use like
  • some are used some ready to spray just
  • black paint and it doesn't really look
  • that great yeah it doesn't have a nice
  • finish to it is what it is
  • base coat actually had a way nicer
  • finish than what I used on that so we're
  • gonna go ahead and probably sand that
  • bumper down respray it really quick use
  • the same base book as I use on the front
  • bumper but for now let's install these
  • rear taillights
  • [Music]
  • all righty guys so now that the
  • taillights are installed looking great
  • we already went ahead and scented this
  • rear bumper that we're gonna repaint the
  • matte black section of it now he's gonna
  • tape it up and where we're gonna spray
  • this sucker oh we gonna spray in the
  • garage in the garage or romaine may just
  • send it out here send it outdoors and
  • good old nature but I mean everything is
  • scented down and we got some good good
  • base coat so I think it's gonna look
  • it's gonna turn out a lot better and
  • it's gonna match the front bumper a lot
  • better so we're gonna tape it up and
  • prep it for paint and get this sucker
  • painted so this bumper turned out a lot
  • better than the first time we did it now
  • we're gonna let it fully dry before we
  • throw it on the car but it is late on us
  • so we're gonna have to catch you guys in
  • the morning
  • next day here guys and what we're gonna
  • do is reassemble this entire rear bumper
  • all the sensors the lights and all that
  • good stuff and then finally we can throw
  • it back on the car for good
  • check that out finally the rear end is
  • fully assembled what the new exhaust and
  • all the other pieces and we also went
  • ahead and threw this tag on here just to
  • give it that pristine look but dude this
  • thing is starting to look absolutely
  • sick dude let's give it that cold start
  • while everything is together oh man I
  • haven't heard it since yesterday yeah
  • that's it I've been dreaming about it
  • like right I'm gonna start that thing up
  • cold it's a long time man let's let's
  • get this thing started with everything
  • oh he's in my pocket you know I stay
  • strapped with some keys at all times yes
  • sir
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • all righty guys so that is gonna be a
  • wrap for today's video I hope you guys
  • enjoyed that exhaust install and sound
  • as much as we did
  • huge shout out to armory tricks so guys
  • be sure to stay tuned turn on your post
  • notifications so you don't miss out on
  • anything because this thing is gonna be
  • an absolute beast when it's done and
  • with that being said guys be sure to
  • follow us on instagram at goon squad or
  • even get inside scoop there before
  • YouTube and if you want to support your
  • boys be sure to visit goon squad com
  • we've got a few more of these shirts
  • left and we got lanyards on sale so be
  • sure to copy something and support your
  • boys so with that being said thank you
  • guys for all the love and support be
  • sure to stay tuned and we'll catch you
  • next time peace
  • [Music]

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Could it sound any better? This once wrecked lamborghini huracan has come a long ways. We have been working our best to finish this build in the highest quality possible. So far we are proud to say we did our best and we are getting better every day. Thanks For Watching!!!

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