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Reasons why you should take the time to make your baby food at home. You know exactly what is in it. I do it everyday with twins, it's really simple. A lot of the food you buy in stores may not state that there are chemicals and metals in it but here is proof that honesty and food companies do not go hand to hand. Arsenic and lead found even in organic baby food and formulas. I have read labels from some of these baby food and none of them would state anything other then *organic this and that. Your baby gets sick then they tell you to vaccinate to cure. A money making circle that starts at birth with formula. You can replace formula with substitute milks! Give your baby the vitamins it needs and u wont need to buy formula full of things you dont even know about. We are not stupid. We can get things done if it is important to us. Is your babies important to you or is convenient more important. I just hope in sharing this will open some peoples eyes on what is happening and to take control, make a change for a healthier future.
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