Really Useful How to Draw and Paint Tutorials

Really Useful How to Draw and Paint Tutorials

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Hi, my name is Jose Manuel Gallego
Some time ago, my health disappeared, and instead I was left with an illness that prevents me from continuing to give face-to-face classes.
Far from giving up, to do more than 4 years, I decided to start uploading tutorials of drawing and painting to YouTube, hoping that someone would be useful. I did not expect my tutorials to be so accepted.
It is true that if you watch these videos, you will see that I speak in Spanish, although, really, you can continue without listening to me at all! I always try to do all my tutorials in real time, there are no cuts in the processes, so you can see how I draw or paint anything without missing a single detail.
Few of my videos are accelerated, and only if they are not designed to teach something. Everyone else can see them comfortably and get to draw and paint with me. Many of my tutorials are subtitled and I hope they can help you in your path as an artist.
See you every week with one or two new tutorials!