Real Life Trick Shot Challenge for $1,000 | That's Amazing

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Real Life Trick Shot Challenge for $1,000 | That's Amazing
Real Life Trick Shot Challenge for $1,000 | That's Amazing thumb Real Life Trick Shot Challenge for $1,000 | That's Amazing thumb Real Life Trick Shot Challenge for $1,000 | That's Amazing thumb


  • Colin, do you want a chance to win $1,000?
  • so each contestant gets 10 tries to complete a real-life trickshot if you
  • score you can keep the money or you can risk it and possibly lose it all
  • challenge number one is to flip a tissue box $5.00 but he wants to go on to the next round
  • grey is up next
  • for challenge number two you've got a loop of candy cane around a Christmas
  • tree branch
  • Oh we'll count it $10 are you gonna want to go to the next round I think I'll
  • keep going okay it fell like this
  • I was trying last night and I never went over two tries without scoring
  • Colin I think you've been the best so far
  • I think so too you guys are all going to the next round or do you want to stick
  • with $10 we're going to the next round just like the Pacer test this
  • challenge gets harder as it goes along ice into cup just like that
  • thanks Tommy Gus you're first
  • aim for the cup this time wow that was so mean
  • challenges are already pretty hard but I think I'm gonna keep going
  • I didn't mention once you get $50 if you lose at like a hundred or
  • something you just get automatically $50 I mean 50 pretty big number I think I'm
  • gonna go for it but past that I feel like challenges are gonna get harder
  • it's gonna be tough to make the decision for $50 you've gotta flick your shoe
  • into the bin
  • oh this is for $50 Colin. Nice Colin what are you buying with 50 bucks I'm looking
  • forward for like a Jordy Nelson stuffed animal and footballs, a Jordy nelson bobblehead
  • I don't think that counts. next challenge is considerably the hardest all you have to
  • do is make one who cap flip but they are risking nothing they've already got $50
  • it's for 100 this round
  • Oh
  • they got it okay they each are at $100 but now this is where they risk the money
  • Challenge number five for two hundred and fifty dollars but if they go for it
  • they're risking their 100 and can only end up with fifty so basically what
  • we're gonna do is go from our upstairs window make an aluminum foil ball
  • and throw it out into the garbage can you don't normally do this in everyday
  • life but like eventually you're gonna throw out aluminum in your life
  • you lose and we got $50 you get 50 you get fifty. Are you guys all taking it you have to agree now
  • I think I will how nervous are you, I'm so nervous
  • Oh No the epic music is probably playing right now yeah three, two, one
  • it's alright this 50 dollars we will give you the money
  • what are you thinking right now, after we've already got one person
  • eliminated, it's tough but he got really close so I'm just gonna do my
  • best
  • It hit the rim five times, $50 what are you gonna do with the money I don't
  • know I think, $250 oh okay I don't know are you sure you
  • want to do this yeah for mr. Beast for me
  • mr. beast, make sure to like and subscribe guys that's amazing
  • they know what their doing, well here's the money to both of you
  • take your fifty dollar bill, thank you, what are you gonna do with the money
  • footballs okay so grey has decided to risk it all for $500 all you have
  • to do is throw the CD into the stereo
  • last one, what disk is that this is baby Mozart,
  • this is the one
  • he just lost $200, I don't regret it cuz I had fun that's what's most
  • important, we feel bad that we've only gave them $50 each, we want to do an
  • extra chance and if they land on a section with the plus one they get an extra life but
  • they have to start back where they messed up
  • it's just a free throw but you only get one try so if you miss you're going home
  • with $50
  • I think I'm just gonna stay there with 500 on by $500 worth of that's amazing
  • merch oh nice since winning $500 grey quit his job at
  • Dairy Queen and became a part owner of baby Mozart, Colin finally bought his
  • Jordy Nelson bobble head and Gus no idea what to spend his money on, as
  • for that to me sometimes it's better to give than to
  • receive make sure you guys click the like button if you want to see more
  • and check out support videos right on the screen thanks for watching

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Colin vs. 2 of our friends in a real life trick shot battle! Whoever makes the most real life trick shots can win $1,000!

There are 8 challenges, and if you make the real life trick shot in under 10 tries, you can choose to keep the money or risk it in the next round. The challenges are:
1. Tissue box flip
2. candy cane onto a tree
3. ice into cup
4. shoe into bin
5. water bottle flip on the cap
6. aluminum foil ball into garbage
7. dvd into stereo
8. Free Throw

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