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Hi ratki here, sub for more animations and more.

***CAUTION: Animations may include animated fighting/violence, gun fights, explosions/flashing lights, jumpscares, middlefingers/memes.***

FTC disclaimer:
The name of this channel DOES NOT imply that this content is striclty made for kids, but for Minecraft and Anime fans in general. It is a meme used in the spanish community related to my initial Vegetta777 satirical series about the spanish Youtuber years ago when I started the channel, so I ended using up this nick.
As far as I can tell, unless im doing ABC/nurseri ryhmmes tier stuff, it is not necessarily made for kids, specially when some animations contain potentially inappropiate stuff as the described above. As my channel grew, I realized I was stuck with spanish audience, I wanted to reach a global audience so I tried to use as few text as possible to make videos.