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First of all, I welcome to you on my Channel. It's a great pleasure to have you here.

RANDOM HANDS Channel is about the work i do in my free time like metal casting or making something new or doing some unique restorations. Beside my studies i love to do Metal Casting, Restorations and making Knives. Me and my elder brother are handling and working on this channel.


16:26 Old Rusty Hunting Knife RESTORATION
312K+ views | Apr 13, 2019
19:57 Ancient Handmade AirGUN RESTORATION
6M+ views | Oct 25, 2018
11:49 Ancient Meat Cleaver Restoration
8M+ views | Sep 08, 2018
11:03 Antique Rusty Hammer RESTORATION
4M+ views | Sep 02, 2018
08:58 RESTORING and Transforming old Bucket
681K+ views | Aug 15, 2018
14:56 Old Broken Air Blower RESTORATION
347K+ views | Aug 12, 2018
05:00 Make a simple Metal Melting Foundry
50K+ views | Mar 31, 2018