R&UT [Rare & Unreleased Tracks]

R&UT [Rare & Unreleased Tracks]

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There was a time when one could find incredible stuff on the net (talking about music here). With a "little mule” as my companion, I would download all my favourite artists from more or less confedential sites. I was pretty hooked on unearthing The bootleg, The unreleased version, The track which couldn't be found on a cd, The song of those musicians I loved and have always loved. And then the record industry, and then copyright laws, and then rightful owner laws, and then Hadopi...and then no time. Today it's quite often on Youtube that you can find neat stuff, from poorly-filmed concerts to vanished LP’s to improbable duets to unlistenable versions (Genesis and Beatles fans will understand...) put online by various enthusiasts who gain nothing except the satisfaction of a "thumbs-up". It was while hunting for these kinds of nuggets that I realized that you can find anything and everything on the net except what you're looking for! That's why I created the "R&UT"