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Brighten someone's day by staying connected and asking, "Are you OK?"

Because we're #InThisTogether.

Learn how at ww.ruok.org.au/how-to-ask

#StayConnected #RUOKEveryday

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As we look out for those around us, it's important that we also take some time to look after ourselves. Let us know your self-care tips below.

#StayConnected #RUOKEveryday
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Who's there? You’re there.

Be sure to let your loved ones, colleagues and neighbours know that they can still reach you over the phone or online if they need to talk.

More tips at
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"U matter says so much – it says I care about you; you belong, you’re supported and you’re not alone.

"But it’s not just about the words. It’s about what we do to reinforce that message. It can be turning up when someone needs us, an unprompted act of kindness, pitching in before we’re asked, sticking up and speaking out for them. Those acts are the reminders we can make every...
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Right now our world needs a little more Who will you connect with and thank today?
#stayconnected #ruok #ruokeveryday #InThisTogether

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Whether you're or , we need to stay connected to our friends and family through these times. If someone needs to talk, ask "are you OK?" and start the conversation.

Find conversation tips at
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#InThisTogether, an initiative of mental health organisations, experts and leaders, provides tips to help Australians remain socially and emotionally connected with family, friends, neighbours and your community.

We will all need a little extra support during this time, so let’s be kind, stay connected, check in with each other, and encourage people to seek professional support when they need...
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Today is Neighbour Day, a day to celebrate community and #CreateConnections with those who live in your neighbourhood

Recent events have highlighted the importance of a good relationship with those who live nearby, and have reinforced the need to look out for our neighbours.

During this time you can offer your neighbours a friendly wave or drop a note of support in their letterbox. For more...

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Let’s ‘Takeaway Together’ tonight! Invite a mate for a digital date, order your favourite takeaway or delivery, share a meal and conversation. It’s that simple.

Get involved to stay connected and support local businesses doing it tough. Learn more at

#TakeawayTogether #StayConnected

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From managing risk factors to leading change and providing support, there are a number of steps employers can take to provide a mentally healthy work environment during the COVID-19 situation.

COVID-19 pandemic: Mental health at work

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