Pulled over in the Ford GT!

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08:21   |   Jul 20, 2019


Pulled over in the Ford GT!
Pulled over in the Ford GT! thumb Pulled over in the Ford GT! thumb Pulled over in the Ford GT! thumb


Well it was only a matter of time. I was riding with Shmee in his Ford GT through NYC and we were pulled over because of his UK license plates. Thankfully Shmee did a lot of research prior to bringing his Ford GT to the US from the UK and had all the correct documents in order and ready to show to the police. This was the first time he was pulled over since arriving in the US and probably won't be the last. Like Tim says in the video it is a very unique situation to see a car driving around on foreign plates and cops might only experience it once in their entire career.

Thank you so much to this officer from the NYPD for his kindness and understanding after looking over the documents.

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