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Official Notice from Princess Auto

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To help the safety of our team members and customers, as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we will temporarily offer free shipping on most e-commerce orders. For the full statement please click on this link. [ Princessauto.com Link ]
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Official Notice from Princess Auto

Our stores are open. We are following Health Canada guidelines to ensure the safety of our Team Members and Customers. For the most current information, please visit our website.
[ Princessauto.com Link ]
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Need an air compressor? This 120 gallon 2-stage cast-iron industrial air compressor is perfect for your shop! It's 3-phase 10 hp motor delivers 33.6 CFM @ 175 PSI. Check it out here [ Prnc.es Link ]

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Yeah except for when they put something in a flyer and then not have one in the whole company that’s real good business I think isn’t it I don’t think so if you’re gonna have stuff in the flyer make sure you at least have some product in the company
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Went to the Whitby ON location yesterday to buy a compressor air dryer that was on sale. They only had 2, and nothing on order. When I checked them, they both were open with parts missing. The one in the picture looked as though it was used for years. Rusted, bent brackets, beat up and valve handle broken off. How could someone get away with returning this? I know your return policy is pretty...
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Princess Auto
I'd sure like to see a "Wives of Princess Auto" spoof of this

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Husbands of Target ‍

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Lol, now this is a deal !!! Except the clearance blowout price is higher than the regular price ‍♂
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Princess Auto
I had 2 issues and here is the 2nd reply. Basically told me they have not responsibility for what they sell. nor do they care!!!!

Hello Bill.
Thank you for reaching out to us.
Unfortunately, even if parts were available from the supplier in China, it would not be cost-effective to Special Order the parts due to the low cost of the items.

Sooooo why shop at Princess Auto if they do not...
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I really like going to Princess Auto. But I stopped an online purchase today. Why? Cuz I’m not going to give you authorization to charge my card unless I know EXACTLY what my shipping costs will be.
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Had 2 issues and no assistance from princess auto. None!
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