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Shake things up pre or post-workout with our convenient plant-based protein powder

Plant Based Protein Powder

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Get all the creaminess and probiotic benefits of yogurt in our dairy-free coconut milk version
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Here’s proof that New York-style cheesecake can be totally plant-based and totally irresistible
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Crunchy, seasoned veggie bites perfect for dipping. Did we mention they’re plant-based, too?

PC Plant Based Veggie Bites

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I would like to make a suggestion regarding your President's Choice 940 ml container of ice cream. I first of all want to say that the vanilla ice cream is my favorite and I buy it all the time. I am not happy with the new plastic lid that replaced the cardboard one. This lid is very hard to open and would break a nail if I had long ones!!! I would love it if you would consider returning...
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So I bought one of your items no name cheese and crackers last week opened it up and I find a LONG black hair in the cheese … I called the company and after 2 days of them calling and asking for the product code … which I gave 3 times.... they said We are happy to offer you $5.00.... lets just say The phone call didn't end very well...
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Since you pushing the plant based meat alternatives can you publish a side by side comparison of their health benefits compared to actual meat? All I am seeing is a substantial increase in calories, higher fat, large amounts of processed fillers, and high sodium contents.None of which are good for health.
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