PREPSTEADERS.tv ~ Videos to equip all of us with the Wisdom & Provisions needed to survive.

If we're wise, we'll learn from history to prepare for the days ahead...mentally, physically & spiritually. Our culture is steeped in comfort & convenience...neither of which are guaranteed. NOW is the time to learn to be less dependent on the "system" & Hollywood to define how we should live.

PREPSTEADING is where Homesteading & Self-sufficiency meet the Prepper & Survivalist mindset. We don't promote Dooms Day or Zombie theories or specific brands of politics or religion.

The shakedown is coming. Are you ready? The reality is that this life on earth will end. Jesus Christ has paid for our sins so that we don't have to suffer the punishment we deserve. We have eternal life with Him already paid for. We only have to admit our sinfulness, turn away from it & toward Him, accepting His payment for our eternal salvation.

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