Pranking My Girlfriend So Hard She CRIES!

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Pranking My Girlfriend So Hard She CRIES!
Pranking My Girlfriend So Hard She CRIES! thumb Pranking My Girlfriend So Hard She CRIES! thumb Pranking My Girlfriend So Hard She CRIES! thumb


  • You stink
  • You're a stinky little boy, aren't you
  • and everyone can smell just how-
  • (door bell rings)
  • coming!
  • Hey drew
  • Oh, Hey Landlord. I'm actually prepared this month
  • Heres the rent.
  • Oh Thanks. But that's actually uh...
  • That's actually not why I'm here
  • Oh it's not?
  • I uhh… heard you're going on tour.
  • That's right. Me, Danny, and Kurtis. Live comedy show.
  • And you can get tickets at WEARETWODIFFERENTPEOPLETOUR.COM
  • I was just wondering since um...
  • since I guess you're gonna be gone for a while
  • Could I crash here?
  • What?
  • Just while you're gone?
  • No
  • What if I said please?
  • Then I would say no, but more politely.
  • (whining) please?
  • No Thanks.
  • Well, worth a shot. See you around big guy.
  • Wait, hold on. If you leave now, people are gonna think
  • this whole sketch was just to promote the tour.
  • Wasn't it though?
  • Yeah you're right
  • Hey guy, Welcome back to the world's fastest YouTube channel!
  • Um, we recently became the first channel to hit 100 miles per hour...
  • ...and that's on foot.
  • So, very cool, Thank you so much for that.
  • I don't know if you can tell by my voice but I'm a little bit sick right now
  • Um, I've been sick for (pause)
  • 9 days
  • Normally I would just take a couple days off
  • but at this point I'm like really bored
  • (laugh) I've run out of things to do
  • I've watched everything I've wanted to watch
  • even things I didn't want to watch, like this new, weird, dolphin movie on Netflix
  • which is hilarious and terrible, and I might make a video about it but probably not
  • So, inevitable I ended up falling face first down a very weird (small laugh)...
  • ...rabbit hole, on YouTube:
  • A very specific genre of prank
  • that we're gonna be talking about today.
  • Now, pranks are kind of a thing of the past on YouTube
  • or at least I thought;
  • they're very much out of style. You don't see a lot of thriving prank channels these days
  • but, there's plenty of couple channels that didn't seem to get the memo.
  • cause they're still trucking along
  • so there's a whole trend going on right now, that I- I stumbled upon:
  • "joining the army" prank on girlfriend
  • (distorted) "it's time to go to the army baby!"
  • I was pretty shocked, when I saw the first one. I thought it was gonna be some kind of joke
  • but it's not
  • ...cause it seems really insensitive to couples who actually go through that.
  • and then I was even more shocked
  • when I saw the "Like" to "Dislike" ratio was so positive,
  • scrolling through the comments expecting to see a little bit more (pause) backlash
  • and everyone's just like (deep voice) "great prank bro!"
  • there's a video where he's completely pretending to be in the army;
  • he's not in the army, he has no intention of joining the army.
  • In one of the comments it's like
  • "Thank you very much for your service man" (laugh)
  • Like, what?
  • he's not in the army
  • anyway, I'm gonna show you the first video I saw
  • um, in this genre, by Jatie Vlogs:
  • "Joining the Army PRANK on Girlfriend *We Both Cried*"
  • that is not true (laugh)
  • and the first like 30 seconds of this video are a total fever dream
  • I don't know what the fuck is happening
  • (youtuber) What is up Jatie fam
  • welcome back to another episode of "Prank Wars"
  • (distorted laughter) we live baby!
  • if you're new to this channel (distorted) it's your freaking (incomprehensible) to josh!
  • what is good, usually I vlog with my girlfriend katie, but it's time to prank her
  • That's right- (distorted) it's going down baby
  • (Drew, sarcastically) hey babe guess what? uh
  • I just downloaded one of those Adobe preset packs for Premiere
  • And I'm gonna use all of them
  • (Jatie, distorted) I'm gonna prank her
  • (normal) I'm gonna tell her I got a big surprise for her, it's in the car. I'm gonna run downstairs
  • I'm gonna go grab the bag I'm gonna bring it up and I'm pretty much just gonna let her open it
  • and figure it out
  • I'm gonna explain (distorted) that I'm going to the army, It's time to go to the army baby
  • (drew) I mean (pause) it's not
  • cause you're not actually joining the army it's a prank
  • (Jatie) but real quick if you guys are watching this, I just wanna say a quick shoutout to my boy chris
  • who is actually in the army
  • (drew, overlapping) yeah for sure, I mean shoutout to Chris
  • mad respect for everything-
  • (Jatie) But real quick guys before I explain this savage prank I'm about to do to my girlfriend
  • if you want a chance to win something all you gotta do is smash that subscribe button
  • (Drew) I mean yeah I guess I'll subscribe for the giveaway
  • (Jatie) huge shout out to you Chris
  • Smash that subscribe button
  • (Drew) so anyway, he drives over to his girlfriend's house, he's in her room
  • I love that he blindfolds her, because like
  • even when he gives her the bag, she doesn't know what it is
  • (jatie) take it off
  • (katie) what?

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