Pranking My Father | Bill Engvall

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Oct 02, 2019


Pranking My Father | Bill Engvall
Pranking My Father | Bill Engvall thumb Pranking My Father | Bill Engvall thumb Pranking My Father | Bill Engvall thumb


You can't tell Bill something he finds hilarious and not expect him to do something with it. Especially when it involves a chance to prank his father. See how Bill was able to pull a fast one on pops and how Bill Sr. reacted!

What's the best prank you've pulled? Hit Bill in the comments, he'll answer back to some of the funny ones!!

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About Bill Engvall
Comedian Bill Engvall was part of the enormously successful Blue Collar Comedy Tour and has starred in a number of films, TV shows and sitcoms, including Blue Collar TV, Comedy Central, A Pair of Jokers, Evening at the Improv , The Jeff Foxworthy Show, The Tonight Show and the Late Show with David Letterman. Some of Engvall's specials and albums include:

- Just Sell Him For Parts (2016)
- Them Idiots Whirled Tour (2012)
- Aged and Confused (2009)
- 15° Off Cool (2007)
- Dorkfish (1998)
- Here’s Your Sign (1996)

Engvall's work has earned his numerous awards, including American Comedy Award for “Best Male Stand-up Comedian," #1 position on the Billboard Comedy Chart for Here's Your Sign, “Best Selling Comedy album," and a Grammy Award nomination for Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One For The Road.

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