Pouring a Liquid Mirror in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys 4K

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Jul 26, 2019


Pouring a Liquid Mirror in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys 4K
Pouring a Liquid Mirror in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys 4K thumb Pouring a Liquid Mirror in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys 4K thumb Pouring a Liquid Mirror in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys 4K thumb


  • Hello there, I'm Gavin I'm Dan we're the slow mo guys a lovely sunny day. So we're gonna mess about with some liquid metal
  • Yeah, we got some gallium here. It's just
  • Do you know you expect something to be much lighter than it is?
  • I thought it was gonna be like water and I had to lift more than I thought feel heavy days. Oh
  • Yeah. Yeah, so gallium is a
  • Metal it melts at a pretty low temperature looks almost exactly like mercury, but won't kill you as much
  • Yeah, unless you're made out of aluminium. Oh and it would kill you. That's true it like melts aluminium
  • It corrodes it to crumbles. Yeah, so similarly to what we did with the paint on the speaker
  • We're gonna try it with this gallium because I think it behave quite differently. Yeah should just look like a load of liquid mirror
  • Yeah. Yeah, and it is a lot heavier than paint. No, so I'm wondering how it's gonna look on the speaker
  • Why don't we turn on the Phantom's and have a little look? Yeah. All right. This is so weird. Oh
  • The thud of it thuds down doesn't it it's like globbing look at how globby is
  • You look like a DJ of science
  • science science
  • DJ
  • Okay start low and I'll increase the volume in and we'll see what you want. Okay top. So pay attention. Yeah
  • More than that
  • Whoa, it gets so much brighter
  • Yeah
  • That's hurting my eyes
  • When I
  • Was a bit worried there cuz it win huh? It's not working. So I turned the volume up and tried again
  • He's been blah blah blah blah as you as it was full flying up in the air
  • I was looking at this and I was like how much of this is aluminium? Oh goodness me
  • Look at this
  • What is happening like that has got to be a compression nightmare for YouTube. What is going on? It looks like
  • Evil, it looks like aliens
  • Okay, maybe what they should have done to the t1000 is vibrate him to death
  • To this
  • Maybe do you sound guns on him?
  • Can you imagine if you try to simulate this with a computer?
  • Just all those infinite reflections reflections reflecting reflections. I
  • Think the GPU would just melt it's just like it's just a hot mess
  • It's so hard to see depth than like what is what is that?
  • It's it was almost like we're shooting on a monochrome camera. It looks 2d
  • That's really weird
  • Again I still don't really know what I'm looking at
  • Let's Bible emoji. Unwatchable video. Yeah. Okay. Yeah little solder balls. Yeah
  • I'm just like it's like I'm like rolling up bogeys of
  • gallium into like bigger bogeys look
  • So sighs but you have no idea look
  • Like a cross between like silver and milk
  • It has like a skin on it of slag that you have to sort of wipe off with this slag removal
  • It doesn't like slack though. Just like wipe it clean
  • And it has a nice fresh mirrored
  • It's so satisfying to do that by the way. Yeah, that might be the most gallium I've ever seen in one place
  • When we started filming today was the most gallium I've seen in one place. I've never seen gallium before
  • See it was like that's a lot of gallium turn on the speaker. It was a very hard to weekend sons right there
  • It's like someone's using their watching class, you know, and you're like twist it around. It's like
  • Let's try a nice pour
  • Okay ready, yeah go for it
  • Good
  • You know, it's quite quite a good one. Yeah
  • Excellent. Hey you feel that? Yeah, good boy. Oh
  • Shit. I tried to grab you
  • Ready yep, so I predictably focused just in front of that
  • Lip, it does come out. Oh look at that shine there
  • You see the camera in the reflection of that
  • I think you can't you can see like the trees and the sky has probably seen me three sons. They're tournament it
  • That is mad that
  • is
  • definitely how the
  • T1000 was born it it is he must have been cast just like this looks like one is being made. Oh, it looks like Oh
  • Weird, it's quite thick. Do you know when the t1000 is transforming into like a different shape?
  • But yeah, it looks like that they were really accurate with that back in there
  • Oh, look whose lens flares rippling off in a it's very cool
  • And it's like slowly sort of globbing into the bowl at the bottom there
  • Yeah, I like how the stream gets thinner and thinner as it goes down
  • And then it turns into like a torrent at the bottom look at that
  • Look at that on the right hand side there where it's all bouncing up
  • Maybe we should go in in tight on that area and just get one one more pour just from like in the bowl
  • Yeah, yeah, it's do it. Three two one
  • Stop
  • Looks like the mood it does. I don't know
  • Okay, such a weird sight. Whoa. Oh wow
  • That's weird. They look like diamond double-up hair. That was like a plumb bob from The Sims. Whoa
  • That's amazing
  • That
  • warm
  • Looks like something out like from Krypton in Man of Steel. Yeah
  • I'd want to
  • Reverse it and see what it looks like - like looks like it's sucking up all the energy weird the way it breaks up
  • differently to water like that's too heavy for air to get under so it stays is like
  • Cones, that was a cool bit. It's just not really bouncing
  • It's sort of just falling into it's just it's just like really heavy water
  • Yeah, it's all like kicking out in the middle of it. And now it's cuz it's deeper. It's like because it's so heavy
  • It's forcing all the other stuff to the side. It makes these weird
  • vertical
  • Ripples coming out. It's like all the horizontal ones then you get this vertical and it's sent out
  • I'm pouring it slightly forwards because that's the nature of pouring. You can't just pour directly down initially far away
  • So it's creating all these like shooting forwards all this Govs. That's just
  • Creating little giblets that I'm always a big fan of filming liquid, but weird liquid is even better. Mmm
  • You excited about this. Yeah, I really am. Oh
  • Look at that like creme. Oh
  • Yeah
  • A mirrored surface. Look at that. Yeah, that's me. Like oh I
  • Bunched it. I can honestly film this material all day
  • Okay, you may have seen this in the background of the video so far we thought it'd be a good idea to wreck this drum
  • Goodbye, sweet drum, but see if we can get a good hit from underneath looks just like when we did that powder paint
  • Yeah, except the powder paint weighs a lot less than you know metal
  • Yeah, so I'm gonna pour it on here and obviously we're in back garden
  • So it's not even completely level so it's gonna be like deeper over here than it is over here
  • I'm gonna have to go underneath the drum skin with a spanner try and hit it and hopefully we'll catch
  • most of it in this
  • Child's paddling pool. Yes. All right. Probably only get one shot of this. All right
  • So the first test is to see whether the drum can even hold
  • This much liquid got some pulling to the back give me to tuck you in
  • Okay, go for it Oh
  • a little bit of rain
  • See how it sends it all out to the sides and it hits
  • That's so different
  • You know everything else with partners it's because the drum isn't level, right?
  • So the where you're seeing it ripple to and then bounce up is the edge of the actual liquid. Yeah
  • I was deliberately focused on the front edge because I wanted to see all those spikes in focus you see them all raised up for
  • The front end. Oh
  • Oh
  • It ripples out and then it like bounces back in
  • Yeah, so that's what it looks like to hit the sheet of liquid metal underneath
  • I think I could look at liquid metal all day. Well not all day, but maybe
  • 20 or so minutes before I got bored. I can't even look at it now. It's right there it
  • Was
  • Here, I guess the only thing to do now then is to scrape this gallium back into a container
  • I think we've still got enough because I want to use that again in future. That was that was amazing
  • It's pretty sweet. If you enjoy watching liquid metals bounce all around
  • Let us know in the comments. Feel free to subscribe
  • Whack that picture of a bell for some reason and we've got a second
  • Shout out to see you in the next video. You gonna get a wicked tan. I am sure
  • Be like five minutes on a Sunday, you know when people have that like chimera. Yeah. Yeah just have gallium

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Gav and Dan get some mesmerizing T-1000-like shots of Gallium splashing around. Enjoy the infinite reflections as they destroy Youtube's compression algorithm even in 4K. I'd be better off burning this one to a disk and mailing it to you guys!
Thanks to American Elements for giving us this Gallium - https://www.americanelements.com/

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Filmed at 1000fps and 2000fps with the Phantom Flex 4K
Pouring a Liquid Mirror in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys 4K