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2014年,從矽谷回國的吳皓,被龐大的網路直播生態所震驚:在有3.25億用戶的直播平台裡,主播月入百萬,和土豪曖昧周旋;土豪為了找存在感可以豪擲千萬。於是他花2年跟拍頭部主播沈曼和老李,用紀錄片《虛你人生》呈現出網路主播光鮮外表下的真實生活,及全網狂歡背後的孤獨和幻滅。#網路主播 #直播 People's Republic of Desire

In 2014, Wu Hao returned to China from the Silicon Valley, and was shocked by the massive live streaming industry in his homeland. On the live streaming platform with 325 million users, performers earn million per month and maintain an ambiguous relationship with super rich who lavish millions just to draw attention. Wu spent 2 years recording the life of Shen Man and Li, 2 top live streamers on the YY platform, and made the documentary People’s Republic of Desire, which reveals the real life of those glamorous performers and the loneliness and disillusion behind the virtual world revelry.
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中國第一批身價千萬的網路主播 China’s First Live Streamers Who Are Worth 10 Million
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