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香港有個很特別的觀光團,叫“油麻地的兩萬種死法”。全程1.5公里,帶人花2小時參觀12宗命案案發地。自2016年開團以來,大概有500人參加。發起人陳可樂希望參觀者能直面死亡,感悟生命的意義:“我們繁華璀璨的背後其實有很多陰影,但很多人不願意去看。”#生命 #香港

"20,000 Ways to Die at Yau Ma Tei" is a special tour group in Hong Kong. The whole tour is 1.5 km on foot, during which they visit 12 crime scenes in 2 hours. There have been about 500 participants since 2016. The initiator Holok Chen hopes that visitors can face up to death, and understand the meaning of life: “The shadow of prosperity exists truly, but many just look away.”
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香港凶案觀光團 Hong Kong Murders Sightseeing Tour
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