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八爺袁和平74歲了。他個子不高,頭髮有點白,背也彎了,但依然神采奕奕。眼下並不是功夫片最好的時光,但他還在孜孜不倦地幹老本行。八爺闖蕩影壇近60年,捧紅無數動作巨星:成龍、李連杰、甄子丹……“好的武術指導也不是武功好,而是腦筋好、有想法。”#電影 #武術

Yuen Woo-ping is 74 years old. This short man is a little hunchbacked with some grey hair, but still glowing. Although currently it’s not the golden age of martial art films anymore, he insists on his career tirelessly. Being in the film industry for nearly 60 years, he’s brought a lot of actions stars to prominence: Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen and so on. “A good martial art choreographer doesn’t need to have the best skills. But he should be smart and full of ideas.”
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天下第一武指 The Best Martial Art Choreographer in the World
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