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“在今天的中國,如果有什麼人生契機可以點燃一代人的激情,可以讓青年菁英對自身和未來保有希望,那只能是創業。”紀錄片《燃點》,14個月拍了14位處在風口浪尖的CEO:羅永浩、戴威、Papi醬、馬薇薇……沒有腳本的他們,暴露出自己最不為人知的一面。#紀錄片 #互聯網

"In today's China, the only chance, if any, that can ignite the passion of a generation, and keep the young elites hopeful for themselves and the future, is entrepreneurship." The documentary "Startups" films 14 CEOs in the limelight in 14 months: Luo Yonghao, Dai Wei, Papi, Ma Weiwei ...Without a script, their least known side is revealed.
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14位互聯網大佬生存現狀,沒人活得容易 Life is Hard: 14 Internet Moguls’ Survival Status
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