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93年出生的毛冠帥,每天除了刻木頭,不參加任何社交活動。做木器的6年間,他呈現了3次個展,作品售出的速度只能用“驚人”來形容。2018年,他用廢棄的木料做出了99件人像雕塑,取名為《受傷的人》,他把悲傷的故事,刻在木頭裡,刻進觀眾的心裡。#木刻 #職人

Mao Guanshuai, born in 1993, buries himself in wood carving every day and stays away from any social activity. During the past 6 years, he has held 3 solo exhibitions, and his works sell at a remarkable speed. In 2018, he carved 99 figures out of waste wood and names the series People with Broken Heart. Through his works, he tells those sad stories to people at the exhibition.
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99個受了傷的人 99 People with Broken Heart
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