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11年前,加拿大人Sherry和先生一起,在上海弄堂裡買下一套80㎡的老房子,又花25萬塊,完成了一次神奇的裝修。裝修後,家裡的溫度常年保持在20多度,冬天也可以在家穿短袖。11年來,他們沒有開過一次空調,也從不燒熱水,每月電費只需幾十塊。#上海 #裝修

11 years ago, Sherry from Canada and her husband bought an 80-m2 old house in an lane in Shanghai. They spent 25,0000 yuan on renovation, amazingly turning the house into a place where the temperature is always 20℃ and people can wear short-sleeve shirts indoors in winter. In the past 11 years, they never use air conditioners for once and don’t heat water. The family only pays dozens of yuan for electricity each month.
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上海市中心最省錢的房子 The Most Economical House in Downtown Shanghai
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