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1988年出生的楊曉洋,新加坡留學,曾是一名工程師。2013年,他不顧家人反對,辭職跑到山裡做水果獵人,穿梭在雨林中獵尋水果,至今已去過大小幾百個雨林,吃過600多種水果。每拿起一個水果,就能說出它的所屬科目,簡直是一本活的水果百科全書。#水果獵人 #水果

Yang Xiaoyang, born in 1988, studied in Singapore and once worked as an engineer. Later he resigned in 2013 despite of parental objection to be a fruit hunter. By far he has been to hundreds of rain forests and tasted over 600 species of fruit, and can name the family of any fruit in front of him. He’s simply a walking encyclopedia of fruit!
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全中國吃過最多水果的男人 The Man Who Eats the Most Fruit across China
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