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陳從周這個名字,聽著有點陌生,但你現在看到的許多中國古典園林:拙政園、留園、豫園……都是由他護救下來的。在建築界,北梁南陳,北有梁思成,南有陳從周。除了研究園林、古建築,陳從周還擅長書畫、詩詞,崑曲,有人說他是“雜家”,可他的“雜”都是大師級。#園林 #大師

Chen Congzhou might not be a familiar name, but many of the Chinese classical gardens you see now such as the Humble Administrator's Garden, the Lingering Garden and the Yu Garden were saved by him. In the architecture world, Liang Sicheng from northern China and Chen Congzhou from southern China are equally renowned. In addition to the study of gardens and ancient buildings, Chen Congzhou was also an expert on calligraphy, painting, poetry, and Kun Opera. Some people say that he was an “eclecticist", but he was a master in every realm he touched on.
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中國園林之父 The Father of Chinese Gardens
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