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台灣台中的一對夫妻,過了3年零浪費生活,這是一種幾乎不製造垃圾的生活方式,牙膏、肥皂、洗髮精全部自製,不點外賣、不買衣服、連超市都不逛,家庭開銷每月僅3800元。夫妻倆開了間貓旅館,但他們兩個人、加上一群貓,每個月産生的垃圾卻只有104克。#零浪費 #貓

A couple from Taichung, Taiwan have been leading a zero-waste life for 3 years. They made toothpaste, soap, shampoo all by themselves. And they don’t order take-out food, shop or even go to supermarkets. They create almost no waste in life, and spend only 3,800 yuan per month. Living in the cat hotel they own, the couple and their pet cats only produce 104 grams of garbage monthly.
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一對夫妻,一群貓,一個月只産生2兩垃圾 A Couple and a Group of Cat Only Produce 100 Grams of Garbage Each Month
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