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香港有一支10人的攝製隊,平均年齡68歲,他們的拍攝內容很特別:免費為更年長的老人,記錄遺言。4年來,80多個老人,在鏡頭前錄下生命最後的心裡話,很多人還未開口,就先落淚了。根據老人要求,有的錄像會在生前公布,有的則在去世後轉交給他們的子女。#老人 #遺言

There is a 10-crew production unit in Hong Kong, with an average age of 68, and a rather special theme: recording the last words of elderly people for free. Over the past 4 years, more than 80 old men and women have spoken their last words in front of the camera. Hardly had they spoken when some of them burst into tears. According to their own requests, some of the films will be published in their lifetime, while others are handed over to their children after their death.
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一個78歲老人,錄下一群老人生前最想說的話 A 78-year-old Man Recorded the Old People’s Last Words from the Bottom of Their Heart
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