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香港最年輕的繩縛師Rika,入行三年,已經捆綁過近千人,把原本地下、私密的繩縛活動,變成可以公開演出的繩縛藝術節。在日本,繩縛師被視為職人,繩子的材質、綁法中包含著力學、美學、情緒的交流,不少繩縛愛好者,更是從被捆綁當中找到自我真實的一面。#繩縛師 #職人

Rika is the youngest Shibari artist in Hong Kong. Being in the circle for 3 years, she has tied nearly a thousand people, bringing the originally private and underground Shibari to public art festival. In Japan Shibari artist is seen as an occupation. Different types of rope and patterns of tying are used to convey various emotions in an aesthetic way. Many Shibari enthusiasts find themselves through this art.
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我玩捆綁,與性無關 I Do Bondage, But not for Erotic Purpose
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