Ok a new sopa bill hear sign this because now the goverment can see and change your posts on twitter and face book
[ Whitehouse.gov Link ]
And to u government you can suck my d hole and go to the spawn of were you came from and hang yourself by your entrails stop doing this
Humans have rights and I say this
Ok ok if they can change our live why don't we ruin there lives all leave and let's them shrivel up and die
We come back and start a new goverment you cheepscates
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Stop SOPA 2013 | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

In 2012 the Online Privacy Act was brought fourth to congress to be passed which would have negatively affected everyone on the internet as a whole. The people fought back and it never happened. Several times now since then it was revised under a different title with changes and tweaks to the wordin...

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