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攝影師張克純從2009年起,花4年時間,數幾十次踏足黃河流域,拍下一兩千張照片,每張都有像螻蟻一樣的中國人,畫面看上去魔幻、荒誕,又真實。張克純最初想去拍攝黃河的壯美、詩意,在路上才發現,曾經的山水畫消失了,高速發展下的中國,看到的更多是荒山、斷壁和高樓。#攝影 #中國

Starting from 2009, photographer Zhang Kechun spent 4 years, setting foot dozens of times in the Yellow River basin, taking over one thousand photos, each dotted with ant-like Chinese people. The picture looks both surreal and real. Zhang departed with the beauty of the Yellow River in mind, poetic and magnificent, only to find that the landscape painting had disappeared, and the furious development left the country with but barren mountains, dilapidated walls and high-rise buildings.
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他為黃河拍了4年照片 For 4 Years He Took Pictures of the Yellow River
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