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“I liked drugs, but that wasn’t the reason. And it wasn’t that I needed money either. I had money. I just wanted more of it. Back then I could rob every bank in the city and nobody would notice. There were hardly any cameras. I robbed about thirty before I even got caught. But one night when I was twenty-five years old, I went to rob a jewelry store. The guy was a criminal himself. He bought jewelry from thieves. Of course I thought he’d panic and give me the money, but he pulled a gun on me. So I shot him twice. I only meant to shoot him once but I squeezed the trigger too hard. He ended up losing an arm. And I went to jail for thirteen years—that son of a bitch. He should have just stayed put. Now I’m 62. I’m a veteran. I just got out of jail for the seventh time in December. I’m sleeping on this bench. Looking back, it’s been a horrible life. I should have done things differently. I should have invested the money I stole.”

(Madrid, Spain)
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