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“We had a very difficult time back in Venezuela. There was no going to school or visiting friends. We couldn’t even go out on the street. All the time I was telling her ‘no.’ ‘Can we go to the park?’ No. ‘Can we go on a walk?’ No. ‘Can we get some ice cream?’ No. She couldn’t comprehend why she was being restricted. I could only explain that the situation was very bad. I was stressed because I wanted to give her a better life, but I had no options. It was very difficult to get out. It took a lot of planning, but we were finally able to move to Madrid. We’ve been here since November. It’s just us. I’m separated from her father, so we’re all alone. But I don’t feel alone. Everyone has been very kind. And I’m able to enjoy her more. She’s more emotionally stable. We’re bonding more. I’m able to see her laughing, growing up, and free. We don’t have to feel afraid. We don’t have a curfew. We don’t have to watch the clock. Today we spent all day in the park-- just laughing, and exploring, and breathing fresh air.”

(Madrid, Spain)
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