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(4/4) “It feels like Miles has been home forever. He’s four years old now. He runs to me every time I open the door. He wants to play non-stop. He’s the master of high-fives. He’s the master of hugging the dog. He’s also the master of needing attention while you’re on the phone. Or when you just want to relax and watch TV for a second. But it always goes from frustrating to heartwarming in a second. Even though he can’t express himself, he’s amazingly empathetic. He’s drawn to people who look alone.
There are meltdowns. And there are days when I feel like I’m not qualified for any of this. But on the days you don’t think you can get through it— you don’t realize that you’re getting through it. And in the end, you’re getting more than you ever give. Recently my wife started sending me pictures of other children, but I always said ‘no.’ Until I saw Mile’s little sister for the first time. She’s from the same orphanage. Her name is Maddie. We submitted our papers three weeks ago.”

(Photo Courtesy of Snyder Family)
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