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my first ever album True Romance was 6 years old yesterday. I remember when I first signed my record deal when I was 16 I just thought kaboom that’s it - I’m gonna be huge like Britney Spears. Of course that can still happen for artists and its undoubtedly an amazing journey but it definitely didn’t happen for me like that. I was “a slow burn/long game/fucking trek” however you wanna put it. I remember having the conversation with my label about putting I Love It and Boom Clap on this album, having them be the lead singles and I said no no no. I wanted this to be something different, unique and exactly what I was feeling at that point in time: a little shy, bruised, unsure of who I was, but ultimately still pretty sure I wanted to carve my own lane out and do my own thing. if I’d put those songs on this album things might have been so different for me now. Firstly maybe those songs wouldn’t have played out the way they did, maybe they would have been too early or all of the magic ingredients might not have been all there to make them “hits” or maybe they would have dwarfed me and my personality and led me down a road where I was more willing to entrust others to make decisions for me (I’ve definitely toyed with that at points in my career and 4 years ago I realized IT JUST NEVER WORKS FOR ME). I am so proud of this album and all the people I made it with but particularly Ariel Rechtshaid and Justin Raisen, two of the first people I ever really met in LA. I still know them now and they’re still equally as amazing and special people. When I make my music now (from number 1 angel onwards really) there is so much similarity to me between my recent work and true romance. I feel more sure of myself than ever before but like back then, I still feel like an outsider. Whereas it used to bother me, I embrace it now. I embrace my constant underdog status; I embrace the fact that I LOVE pop music; I embrace the fact that yeah, I might occasionally write a banger but I’m also extremely experimental with the music I release, i straddle two worlds and I enjoy it because I’m good at it. Thank you to everyone who’s been there since day 1. I love you
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